Boehner/Netanyahu – Conspirators??

Boehner/Netanyahu – Conspirators??

The fact Rep. John Boehner (leader in one of the most powerful institutions in America) invited a leader from another country to speak to Congress without telling the President and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s acceptance tells us a lot about both men and their grab for power.  It is a slap in the face to every American as well as the President of the United States!!

While the President is in very difficult negotiations with Iran concerning nuclear weapons these two men are trying to throw a “monkey wrench” into these negotiations.  This is very close to “treason” on Boehner’s part and certainly at the very least, an intrusion into U.S. policy and our democracy by Netanyahu.

The United States and Israel’s friendship has never been questioned until Netanyahu decided to deliberately intervene in our foreign policy.  He told G.W. Bush he wanted the U.S. to invade Iraq!  He will not have “peace” talks with Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian West Bank where Netanyahu has boldly taken land for Israeli settlers. Netanyahu does not want peace with the Palestinians and he wants us to bomb Iran.  This is his “foreign policy”!!

The U.S. has given billions of dollars to Israel to support their economy and weapons to defend themselves.  President Obama has continued to fund and arm Israel. Yet, Netanyahu continues to blame Obama for the current relations between the two countries.  The fact is President Reagan was not concerned about having a good relationship with Israel. He did many things Israel was unhappy with.  However, no one blamed him for that strained relationship.  Netanyahu’s only concern is winning the upcoming election in his own country.  He is an egotistical trouble maker and does nothing to help his own people.  He should be concentrating on how to make peace with the Palestinians rather than interfering in other countries foreign policy!!

As for Boehner.  He is also a loser.  He has sold his soul for power.  He knows the right thing to do for our country but he chooses to ignore it.  He chooses the wrong way in order to appease his rebellious friends in the House so he can hold onto his “power”.  What he refuses to accept is the fact that he no longer has that power or any control over these renegades.  These “friends” could care less about him or our country.  Their concern is to get their own way and make laws to reflect these ways, whether it is good for the country or not!  What a bunch of charlatans!

This is just one example of what is happening to our democracy today.  When the few can dictate policy, there is something very wrong!

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