I don’t think anyone has given the alternative to Hillary Clinton running for president.  It is Hillary not running for president!  She could just graciously tell everyone she has done enough for her country.  That she feels the current media attacks on her trustworthiness as well as all the other Clinton negatives that keep resurfacing are not the way she wants to live her life.  I for one would certainly understand and welcome her decision. There comes a time for everyone when enough is enough!  I believe this would be good for the country and the Democratic party as well.

It appears the “loyal” Clinton supporters feel it is Hillary’s “turn” and there should be no competition.  They have made it extremely difficult for anyone to run against her (politically as well as financially). Her supporters truly believe she would win.  They also believed she would win the 2008 primary election as well.  I don’t think it serves any good purpose at this point to “put all your eggs in one basket”!  Our democracy means “choice”, not “coronation”.

No one has the courage to talk about the age factor for fear of being called “biased”.  However, it is a factor whether anyone wants to admit it or not.  It is an important factor when it comes to the presidency and should be discussed.  How important is that factor especially in a possible two term presidency?   It should be addressed along with all her qualifications, etc.  It is part of who she is whether people want to address it or not.

What it boils down to is do we want another campaign where the Republicans muddy the waters so much it will turn to mud?  Consequently, this campaign for president will not be about who is best suited to lead our country.  It will be about Bill and Hillary.  Only this time it will be about Hillary and Bill and their entire political past.  Whether what is said is true or not.

Yes, Hillary has worked tirelessly in politics.  That has been her choice. I do think she cares for the American people.  However, this does not preclude the fact her first priority will be winning the race. As campaigns go.  I am concerned she will make “misstatements” as she did in the 2008 primary.  We know how that worked out.

I admire Hillary Clinton for all she has accomplished and give her credit for what she has done.  However, for the good of this country, I feel she should not continue the path for the presidency.  Her past as well as her husbands, will continue to be the spotlight news and this will take away the time that should be spent on issues that are important to the American people.  Again, whether the news reports are right or wrong makes no difference.  It is the time spent on them when this time should be about what is important for America, not what is important for the Clintons.

There are surely more qualified Democrats who can do this.

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