The Republicans in congress are not giving us a chance to catch our breath from their last fiasco before they start another one.  Because Netanyahu’s speech didn’t have the effect they wanted they are trying again. This time, forty seven Senators wrote an open letter to the leaders of Iran warning them the possible nuclear deal the President (and other countries) are negotiating won’t mean anything and it won’t last because these Republicans are in charge!  In this letter they wrote “President Obama will leave office in January, 2017, while most of us will remain in office well beyond then, perhaps decades”!  WOW!  This is the most optimistic bunch of “hoodlums” (only older) I have ever heard!

Evidently, these hoodlums aren’t thinking very far ahead.  Do they really believe they will be re-elected after eight years of spending their entire time in office playing their game, “Let’s Get President Obama”??  After totally ignoring the majority of Americans and the needs of this country?  Because they are encouraged by the minority of radicals in their party, they think they are indestructible. These radicals, like those who came before them, will fade away and be replaced by people who may actually care about this country. These hoodlums forget how quickly things can change.  Their destructive behavior will come back to haunt them.

I am not in agreement with everything President Obama does but I do know this.  Faced with this outrageous behavior from Republicans from the day he was elected to office, he has been courageous throughout.  He has been calm, courteous and conciliatory towards all of them.  The night President Obama was first installed as President, a group of Republicans had a meeting to discuss how they could undermine this President.  It is well documented and Senator McConnell (from Kentucky) said their top priority was making President Obama a one term president.  This has been their agenda from the day he took office and have not deterred from that course in six years!  These are some of the people you have running the United States government!!

President Obama has many serious issues to handle but is still serving his term in office as a courageous, intelligent and thoughtful President who cares deeply for our country (yes, he does love America!), even after all the hoodlum attacks.  I wished I could say the same for these forty seven so called “Senators”!



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