First, Rudy Giuliani said President Obama does not love America.  Next, he made demeaning racist remarks on Meet the Press.  What’s next?  Maybe the media attention he craves will stop after his third blunder.


Rudy‘s claim to fame is he was Mayor and made many public appearances after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City.  I give him credit where credit is due.  However, he made mistakes before and after the attacks that could have made a difference in lives lost.  It was his insistence that the Office of Emergency Management Headquarters be located in a building that had already been identified as a target for terrorists.


Rudy’s comment that President Obama was not “brought up the way you and I were” is so hypocritical it is unbelievable!  As his role model, Rudy praised his uncle, Harold Giuliani, who did time in jail for a robbery conviction.  This uncle also helped another uncle of Rudy’s with a loan-sharking business run out of his bar.


How many people know Rudy avoided the draft in the Vietnam War by getting a half dozen deferments.  How many people know six uncles of Rudy’s avoided service in WW11?  These are his “role models”!


Rudy got an annulment from his first marriage.  His second wife and mother of his two children found out he wanted a separation on a televised press conference!  Talk about being a “role model”!  He is not the person to be “throwing stones” at anyone!  His life has been full of “shady” friends and business partners and too many deceptions.


President Obama grew up with loving grandparents.  His grandfather and an uncle served in World War 11.  President Obama is a loving husband and father.  He has taken us out of a recession that crippled this country.  He does the best he can to help the American people in spite of all the obstruction he gets from congress and people like Rudy Giuliani.


Rudy Giuliani has become a bitter man because his “days of glory” are over. He will do or say anything to be in the “spotlight” again.  What is he doing for this country he claims he loves so much??  Absolutely nothing! 


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