Although several senators are trying to climb out of the “cesspool” they have created, the freshman Sen. Tom Cotton, is making it “bigger”!  He continues to make more public comments. This senator has no knowledge when it comes to foreign affairs.  Cotton stated Iran has already taken over countries, including “Teheran”…..which, evidently he doe not know is the capital of Iran!

Cotton quotes Prime Minister Netanyahu (who may or may not be Prime Minister of Israel tomorrow) as if Netanyahu has any say in the matter.  Today Netanyahu said if he remains in charge after the election, there will be no Palestinian State on his watch!!  This is the role model Cotton looks up to!

Cotton is not totally alone in this mess. There are still the other forty six who signed the letter. Another Republican, Rep. Bob Corker, wants to introduce a bill in the House that will give congress the authority on any deal before it is implemented.  Since the negotiations haven’t been completed yet, wouldn’t a reasonable representative “of the people” at least wait for the details of the agreement?  In all fairness, I must add that Rep. Bob Corker did not sign the infamous letter.  I give him credit for that.  Sen. Mitch  McConnell is doing his usual “get President Obama” round of talk shows setting himself more firmly in the “cesspool”!

These senators care nothing about the fact they could have possibly undermined the effort of many countries to reach a peaceful agreement when it comes to nuclear arms. These senators are fully aware other countries are involved.  It does not bother them that they are interfering in other country’s foreign policy as well as the U.S.

The only conclusion I can draw from this type of unconscionable behavior by these forty seven men is they don’t want a peaceful agreement.  They want war!  Evidently, the military industrial complex has all of them in their back pocket!


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