What the zealots celebrating Netanyahu’s win in the Israel election don’t understand is this is not good for Israel’s people.  In fact, because he made racist remarks to win this election, Netanyahu has actually made his country less secure and Anti-Semitism a larger problem now.  He has hurt all Jewish people, no matter where they live.  He has done nothing to help the country’s economy or the Israeli people.  The good news is Netanyahu has unified the Arabs into one party that is now the third largest party in the Knesset.  They finally have representation, in spite of his racist remarks.

In his address to the U.S. Congress (thanks to Rep. John Boehner and other Republican zealots) Netanyahu not only interfered in U.S. Foreign Policy, he also interfered in the Foreign Policy of the other countries involved in the very sensitive negotiations still going on with Iran on nuclear peace.  I doubt these countries will want to have anything to do with Netanyahu.

How about all the countries who are for a two-state solution for peace between Israel and Palestine? When Netanyahu declared he would never agree to this, he not only “slapped the face” of these countries leaders, he made it more difficult for the rest of the Middle East as well.  Netanyahu has certainly not gained any “credible authority” in the eyes of the rest of the world!  He is leading his country to war!

Compare two of the different Jewish American organizations in the United States.  One is AIPAC whose members are more loyal to Netanyahu than they are to America or Israel.  I suggest these Netanyahu “loyalists” move to Israel to see just what effect Netanyahu’s leadership has had on that country. The other organization is “J Street” which is made up of “true” Jewish Americans who are not Netanyahu loyalists. These members are Pro- Israel, Pro-America and Pro-Peace. They want a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

There is a “connection” between 1/3 of the Jewish people and 1/3 of the American people.  These are the zealots who care more about getting their own way than what is best for their country!  On the other hand, the majority of people in each country want peaceful solutions.  Yet, these minority zealots (in both countries) are voted into office where they make the laws that govern the majority. The “silent majority” better do something about this or both country’s Democracy is in peril with the “zealots” in charge!


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