They are at it again!!  Sen. Mitch McConnell presented the Republican’s 2015 Budget.  The wealthy members of the U.S. Congress have cut the sick, homeless and hungry people out of their 2015 Budget.  This includes the “working” poor, Veterans and the elderly on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  They left “no stone unturned” when it comes to these cuts!  There is no end to what these members of congress will do to “balance the budget” so they can keep the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations!  At the expense of everyone else!


Both houses of Congress are full of members who have garnered themselves at least a million and in most cases, many millions in their time in office.  These millions are not from their salary.  These millions are from the wealthy, Wall Street and corporations to “buy” their votes to stop laws they don’t want.  They have received “favors” from the lobbyists on K Street and many other greedy organizations. The list is long for those who contribute to this kind of “buying spree”!  It tells us how much these people in congress truly care for the American people.  As long as they keep getting the “larger part of the pie”, these greedy congressmen will continue to be bought.  Their part of the pie keeps getting larger every year!!


The only solution to this ongoing problem is term limits   for all members of the U.S. Congress,   just as there is for the U.S. President.  The longer these “crooks” are in congress, the more they become “addicted” to the money and power.  The longer they are in power, the more they become “crooked”!   The real problem is the same crooked congressmen make the laws!  They will never allow a law to pass that limits their terms in congress!  This is a very real threat to our Democracy.  We have already seen what happens when these wealthy congressmen are in control.


I am sure many people feel strongly about this issue but feel powerless to do anything about it.  Since these crooks will never pass a “term limit” bill, it is up to the voters to vote them out of office.  This is the only choice we have.  I do believe the majority of the American people want term limits for these crooks so if they vote these crooks out, we have a chance to change things in congress.  Democracy can still work.



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