Does anyone believe members of the U.S. Supreme Court do not have their own bias??  Does anyone believe because they are the highest court in the country, they can put aside this bias when ruling on issues brought before them (ones they choose to consider!).  Being on the U.S. Supreme Court does not automatically make a judge “un-biased”

Anyone who has knowledge of the Supreme Court members (past and present) are able to “decipher” this bias. To start, all we have to do is know which president appointed them to the Supreme Court.  For instance, out of the last eleven Judges nominated, nine were nominated by a Republican president and four were nominated by a Democratic president.  Some of them have retired.  If one were to note how these judges voted in recent years, it would be a good “eye opener” as to their bias.

In 2000, this highest court in the land stopped the voting for the President of the United States.  They “crowned” George W. Bush president.  This court has “overturned” one of the most important Voters Rights Acts since it was made into law.  This court has ruled to put no limits on election contributions from the wealthy and corporations. This court has ruled these contributions can be in “secret”.

Now, this court has refused to even consider the challenge to the Wisconsin Voter ID law which requires state issued photo ID.  This law affects 300,000 voters in Wisconsin.  Most of them who vote Democrat such as the elderly, college students, the poor and African Americans.  This not only gives Wisconsin Republicans a clear victory to determine “who votes” in their elections.  It also “opens the door” for other states trying to pass the same repressive law.  It has been proven that voting fraud in any state is almost non-existent.  However, if a political party such as the Republicans can willfully change the voting laws to suit themselves and the highest court in the land gives them a “pass”, what do we need this U.S. Supreme Court for?

The current U.S. Supreme Court has done more to repress the individual’s constitutional rights than any other court since its inception!  When a member of the U.S. Supreme Court attends and takes part in one political party’s affairs and ignores the other political party altogether, does this say un-biased?  When a wife of a member of the U.S. Supreme Court is visibly helping a particular political party that spreads lies about the other side, does this sound un-biased??

These are just some of the reasons that there should be term limits for the U.S. Supreme Court, just as well as there is for the President of the United States.  Once these members are “in”, they are set for life.  They can be as “biased” as they want and no one has any recourse to take them out of the highest court in the land.  This is absolutely intolerable!!

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