Haven’t we had enough of Bush and Clinton “politics”?  Evidently these two dynasties don’t think so.  They continue to want to “rule” America.  So…. it looks like we are in for another prolonged battle of the same old politics.  Nothing new or fresh…just the same old politics!

In a previous blog, I stated why Hillary Clinton would not be good for our country.   Now, it is time to give reasons why Jeb Bush would not be good for our country.

Jeb agreed with all the decisions his brother, G.W. Bush, made while President, including invading Iraq.  Anyone who thinks Jeb will govern differently than G.W. is mistaken.  With Jeb’s selections of the same people who “ran the government” for G.W, we would be on that same path again!  Those who believe Jeb is more moderate are sadly mistaken.  He has made it one of his goals to “appear” moderate.

Jeb has selected the same Foreign Policy advisors for “his administration” that were in G.W.’s administration.  The same Foreign Policy advisors who took us to war in Iraq!!   It looks like the G.W. administration all over again!   Jeb would have no problem taking us to war with Iran.  Jeb may be a “smoother talker” than his brother but have no doubt he will have the same extreme conservative agenda.

Some of Jeb’s e-mails while governor have been deleted recently (as he derides Hillary for deleting some of hers).   He has also “back tracked” on statements he made in the past.  A typical politician’s ploy to create a “clean slate”!  He will not be able to “delete” news videos of his views or his agenda.  They will “come out”.

Although Jeb Bush has been less critical of President Obama in the past, now that he is running for president he is being more critical than ever. These are the typical Republican criticisms when they can’t really find anything else to “get Obama”.  Jeb is going along with the standard Republican behavior to ingratiate himself among his fellow Republicans.

Jeb Bush has already met his financial goal for his campaign.  He has the “Bush” name.  This is not a difficult task when your father and brother are previous presidents!  You have the same experienced help from those who have already done fundraising for both of them. This is not exactly a difficult, new or “pristine” way of fundraising.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled there is no limit to campaign contributions nor do these contributions need to be made public.  The court has also allowed Wisconsin (possibly many other states as well) to repress voters rights.  The U.S. Supreme Court has possibly helped “crown: another Bush president again!!

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