I read an article written about Senator Bernie Sanders entrance into the presidential race.  Part of the title read “even if he can’t win”!!  Now, that is quite an opinion!  Although Sanders has just entered the race, the “political pundits” are already predicting his loss!  Whoa!  Hold on a minute!  The thought his entrance is only a good thing for the Democrats because it will give Hillary a “sparring partner” is extremely limiting and I suggest they “expand their minds” and listen to his reasons for entering this race.

This pessimism is based on the fact Hillary Clinton holds a lead in the polls, has more money than “Midas”, has more operatives and has “secured” the endorsement of “most” of the party’s leaders.  Really now!  Can any political pundit think “outside the box” just once??  Is it possible Sanders message will resonate with the public more than anyone expected?  Is it possible the apathy of the voting public will be changed to enthusiasm for voting?  We certainly need “someone” to do that!

So far, the campaign for president is the dullest I have ever seen.  If they want to start this process so unnecessarily early, they could at least have something exciting to say!  There is no one who truly gets the people “revved” up.  The Republican line-up is all about trying to please the tea-party wing, cautious in what they say, yadda, yadda, yadda!  Hillary Clinton on the other side is trying to back away from her husband’s failed policies, telling people what she knows they want to hear but is also cautious about telling them what she would actually do as president.  This is what our political process has come to.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

When someone like Bernie Sanders finally comes along with a sincere and strong message, not mincing words or thinking about how it will affect his “poll ratings”, the pundits don’t know what to do with him.  He doesn’t fit into their nice “little box”!  Maybe it’s time they “opened that box to include more”!  If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.  When you have some journalists and TV hosts working in sync with the politicians you know our country is in trouble!

Last but not least is the fact Bernie Sanders has not changed his message, his beliefs, his concerns for the middle class in all the years he has been in politics.  What other candidate can truthfully say that??  What other politician can say that??








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