Remember when everyone was concerned about the latest technology invading our privacy  equating the situation with Orwell’s book “1984”?  I wonder if anyone remembers what the book envisioned in the future. I wonder if Orwell is spinning in his grave, wishing he had predicted Smart Phones and Drones.

Once in a while when I go through my many computer files, I wonder who is “being fed” everything I type, scan, download, search, every comment I post on the internet, etc.  It’s a good thing I don’t spend too much time dwelling on this. Edward Snowden, the leaker of NSA classified information, was so upset he revealed National Security Secrets and became a traitor to his country.  Or…did he do it because he wanted the recognition and a book deal??

The reality is there is no line of communication that does not present the same question; Smart Phone, iPad, TV, etc., except face to face conversation.  Even then, that conversation could be recorded without your knowledge.  Even the U.S. Post Office has your name, address, phone number, etc. in their computers.  We are a nation of “sharers” even though some people on social media do not fully understand what and who they are “sharing” their lives with.  It isn’t just this country but countries around the world.  It is a world beyond Orwell and continuing at a rapid pace.

The corporations are making billions of dollars with every new technology product. The previous ones are considered “throw-away”.  After a year’s use (or sooner) they become obsolete. Replaced by a product that has more apps, more storage and sends more to the Cloud (the big file cabinet in the sky).  These new products need other new products that  “speak the same language” to be able to communicate with each other to accomplish one given task!  New computers need new printers, new phones need new ways to download pictures to print, on and on ad nauseam.

Schools even require a computer for students to do homework.  Some banks charge for printed monthly statements because they want you to do your business online (it’s cheaper for them!).

Have you ever tried to reach a corporation that sells all these products??  Some do not even have reliable service through their customer service phone number. You have to send them an e-mail through their company site! Then you get a form letter thanking you for your e-mail and if you are very lucky, you will actually get someone “out there” to help with your problem.

What does a family who cannot afford a computer do?  How do they help their child with the homework that demands one?  How does a senior citizen who cannot afford a computer get their monthly bank statements without cost?  How does anyone get a problem solved without days of back and forth e-mails with someone who may just be a fast typist, not a trained technician to help with their problem?  How?  How?  How?

Yes, we are way beyond 1984!

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