I used to think Jeb Bush was smarter than his brother, George.  After hearing Jeb’s “not running for President” comments that sound like a confused first grader, I have no more doubt.  They are equally “uneducated and confused” about what being a president requires. Consequently, Jeb, like his brother, George is not qualified to be president.  The only difference is George was at least smart enough to realize he wasn’t presidential material.  But… he handed everything over to Dick Cheney!  Which, in retrospect, was probably worse!  Jeb, already assuming he will win, has all of his brother, George’s, Administration lined up to take their place in his. I wonder which one Jeb would choose to run things!

Marco Rubio is another “uneducated” contender who keeps changing his mind about what his “beliefs” are.  Along with Jeb Bush, Rubio believes invading Iraq was the right thing to do!  Of course, again, like Jeb, he didn’t have to serve in that war!  Not only were thousands of lives lost but trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars were spent.  The outcome of this “right thing to do” is all of the Middle East in turmoil and the opportunity for yet another terrorist group (ISIS) to be born!  The difference between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio is Rubio actually thinks he can lead this country!  Which, in itself, may be more dangerous than handing that job off to someone else!

What about Chris Christy?  With the “Bridgegate” fallout, his States financial situation, his use of public funds for personal use and his outright hostility toward any citizen that has the courage to question his leadership….Christy has shown his inability to lead!  Christy saying he would choose Sarah Palin for his V.P. is the height of his ignorance!  Where was Christy in 2008?  Chris Christy is Sarah Palin’s twin brother!!

The rest of the better known Republican contenders for president; Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry (not declared yet) and Rand Paul are in a race to see which crazy comments gets the most votes from the tea party, from anti-government states that want to secede from the Union (sure wished they would!) and the ever hypocritical Christian coalition that goes to church every Sunday but practices none of the teachings of Jesus.

There are other prominent Republican politicians that are not in the race.  No matter.  The media has a “special affection” for these non-contenders so gives them the attention they crave by quoting every one of their stupid remarks!  Boehner answers a question with “Are you really going to ask me that stupid question” and Paul Ryan answers by talking everyone to death!  Lindsay Graham and John McCain are joined at the hip and pretty much repeat each other’s asinine remarks.  Yes, the Republicans have a “wealth of misfits”.  However….. this doesn’t mean the “low information voter won’t vote for them.  They already have!!




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