ISIS has taken control of Ramadi.  Wasn’t this the same city where, not too many years ago, U.S. soldiers lost their lives fighting for?  What about Fallujah?  What about Mosul?  What about the Anbar provinces mostly controlled by ISIS now? The list goes on!  The cities and regions once fought for and held by U.S. and Iraqi soldiers are now being controlled by the latest terrorist group born.  All because of  G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Condi Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, General Tommy Franks, General Colin Powell and others.  These people have never been held accountable for starting an unnecessary war costing thousands of U.S. service men and women their lives (as well as Iraqi soldiers and civilians) and trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

These Bush Administration liars have their retirement pensions, health care and all the “perks” of working for G.W. Bush.  They make millions of dollars from writing books and speaking engagements to continue the lie. Yet, they have never had to answer to anyone about the terrible toll their invasion of Iraq has had and is still having.  All you have to do is “google” any one of them and you will find their participation in that war.

What these “War Hawks” did then wasn’t enough!  To add “insult to injury”,  a “very confused” G.W. Bush gave George Tenet the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” for telling him the invasion of Iraq would be a “slam dunk”!!

Now, years later, they are still “defending” their actions.  As if there is any defense for all the killing and destruction caused by them.  They are blaming President Obama for the present Middle East turmoil caused by their actions!  What a bunch of hypocrites!!

However, the Obama Administration has never brought them to justice.  Something is wrong when a sitting president will not pursue justice for all the lives lost and treasure spent in an unnecessary war!  I don’t care how difficult it may be!  “Diplomacy” is not called for here!  Obama’s inaction is something he will regret someday, if he doesn’t already.

Gates tells us President Obama does not have a “Middle East Policy”.  I would like to know what Gates “policy” was when he went along with the Iraq war!  Lindsay Graham and “joined at the hip partner”, John McCain, want to send U.S. troops into Iraq again!!  Have they learned nothing?  I wonder how many of them have investments in the companies that produce the military equipment used in war.  Dick Cheney and Halliburton’s connection are well known.

When is President Obama going to do what needs to be done, regardless of Republican backlash? Leave Iraq and let the Mideast handle their own problems. We never should have interfered in these countries to begin with.  History told G.W. Bush that but he wasn’t interested in history lessons.

This sectarian conflict will never cease, no matter what the U.S. does (propping up the current regime with more money).  The leaders are corrupt. The Iraqi army runs away from defending cities from ISIS.  The religious factions are not interested in national unity. They will fight to the death for their beliefs.  Meantime, we are losing valuable resources that are desperately needed for our own country.

This is not the complicated issue those in charge would have us believe.  They are crying “Wolf” once again.  They are the “Wolf” trying to put fear in our lives based on their belief of what “might” happen if we left the Middle East.  They have no “crystal ball”!  If we look back on the invasion of Iraq, we will find the same “mind set” today as those who were in charge in the G.W. Bush Administration.  How well did that work out??

The G.W. Bush Administration opened “Pandora’s Box” and no one will ever know all there is. The sad difference is this isn’t just Iraq any more. What about Syria?  What about Lebanon?  How many more countries will become involved in this genocide?  What will Iran do?  What will Somalia do?  What if?…..What if?.….What if?

The questions for the President and Congress are “How many other countries are you willing to get involved in?”  “Where and when does it end?”  “How are you going to fund all these “operations”?  “Do you care or consider how this is affecting every living American citizen?”

Anyone who tells us ”It is complicated and we can’t leave the Middle East” is “blowing smoke!!”

We do have a choice.  It takes courage to make the right one.









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