I am not talking about a “Military” policy.  This is about a political, economic and environmental “scorched earth policy”.  If Republicans (controlled by Corporations) take charge of the U.S.A. in the 2016 elections this is what I envision for 2020.  No more government funding for anything except the military to wage their never ending wars for more profits!

There are no environmental regulations so the Corporations keep “warming up the planet”!  There are still the oil, coal, chemical and other air polluting factories (owned by the Koch brothers and other billionaires).  We need oxygen masks when outside.

There are no other factories in the U.S.A.  Everything is produced in foreign countries where the jobs have been shipped.  There are no regulations on these companies as far as the environment, product toxicity, or work conditions go. There is no “warning label” on anything produced.  These are the only products available in the U.S.A now.   These products are “throw away” because there are no set standards for workmanship or what the product is made of.  There is no concern for trade balance because the U.S. has nothing to trade!

There are no family farms or organic food producers.  The Mega Agricultural Corporations have total control of what and how much food is produced.  All food is produced in foreign countries to ship back to the U.S.A. There is no Food Safety and Inspection Service to check the food for bacteria, toxic ingredients, mold, age, packaging, etc.  There is no label of ingredients on any product.

There is no Social Security or Medicare.  All except the 1% senior citizens are warehoused in large complexes throughout the country (owned by Corporations).  There is no funding for the hungry, homeless, mentally ill or jobless.  There are no jobs available.  Those who have jobs serving the 1% are paid a below poverty level wage with no benefits.  Other work needed done for the 1% are done by robots.

There is no health care for 99% of Americans because no one can afford the health insurance premiums except the 1%.  The Affordable Care Act (“Obama care”) has been repealed!  The 1% have personal doctors and hospitals at their command.  There are no public health clinics, public hospitals, medic one, 911 numbers for emergencies, ambulances, etc.  There is no federal prevention or control of disease.

There is no funding for recovery from hurricanes, floods, tornados, earthquakes, erupting mountains or any other act of nature. There is no funding for roads, bridges, highways or airports. They are all decaying and unsafe to use.  The 1% have their private helicopters on their estates and jets housed in private airports for transportation.

There are no funds for education; pre-school, grade school, or high school. There are no funds to maintain the existing decaying schools. No funding for teachers. The only schools open are private schools for the children of the 1%.  All colleges are closed except the Ivy League ones for the 1% offspring.  The student loan for college does not exist!

There is no government agency checking the quality of water we are drinking.  Whatever pollutants go into the water stay there.  This includes pollutants from factories. The populace has water rations. The 1% have their unlimited safe, clean water source.  Power grids, no longer being funded or maintained, are failing.  The 1% have their own power source.

There are no U.S. Courts or federal prisons. The United States Supreme Court is now an extension of the Corporation government (“The Corporation Supreme Court”).  There are no federal arms control.  No gun control.  There is no federal law enforcement.

There are no public lands, national parks or forests, federal landmarks or federal buildings. There is no fish & wildlife service. There are no fishing regulations and the supply has been depleted.  There is no protection of wild life or reserves for them.  They are becoming extinct.

There are no government science departments because the Corporation government does not believe in science!  They have no science classes in their private schools or colleges. These schools and colleges curriculum is determined by the Corporation government.

 There is no Coast Guard to patrol U.S. waters or oceans.  No NOAA.

There are no Post Offices. Those who can’t afford a computer for communication have no means of communicating.  Only the 1% can afford new tech phones.  There are no longer any “land lines”.

There is no warning system for impending disaster. No Homeland Security.

There is no regulation of cable, radio, TV, satellite and wire.  Only the 1% can afford those now.

There is no “religious freedom”.  Anyone practicing any religion other than Christian or Jewish is a “terrorist” and will be incarcerated for life (in one of the Corporation’s prisons).

There is no Federal Reserve.  All currency and credit is controlled by Wall Street.  There are no regulations on banks.

There is no U.S. Treasury because there are no federal taxes.  Profits from The Corporations are brought back to the U.S. since they are no longer taxed.

There are no elections. Members of both houses of congress have passed laws for their terms to continue as long as they choose and they appoint their replacements.  The law applies to the president as well.  The Corporation government does not need the House and Senate building or the White House.  There is no funding to maintain them.  This is not a problem for members because they never did spend a lot of time in D.C. anyhow. They now do all business from their private estates by “group skyping”.  They are only “in session” a month out of the year to pass laws the Corporation government wants passed to keep the populace under control.

Welcome to 2020!








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