Every time there is another computer hacking, whether it be a government agency, state agency, corporation, bank, etc. they always say “this is the largest hack attack in history” or some such nonsensical thing that means nothing to those who have been hacked. Whether it is the largest or the smallest is not their concern!  Someone having all their personal information is.   I am sorry to “break the bubble” but “Welcome to the age of new technology that is developing at the speed of light!”

Keeping up with this technology is impossible for anyone.  If the federal government with all their experts in the field can’t stop the hack, how can you?  Any security company that tells you they can keep your information safe from hacking is lying! Yes, there may be some better than others.  However, the fact remains.  There is no place safe from hacking as long as one goes on the internet and shares personal information, no matter where.

To believe you are safe from hacking in this technological environment is either naive or evidently you don’t use the internet. “Security” is not “fool proof” any place. All we can do is “assume” anyone can get our personal information anytime they want by hacking one place or another and weigh that against all the advantages we have with the internet.  Isn’t that just dandy!!  What a choice, huh!

There has been much written on things to do to better protect yourself and I will leave that to those you have studied the situation and offered their advice.  Personally, I don’t miss a key stroke thinking about it!  It could really drive you “bonkers” if you think about it much!

So, in conclusion, enjoy your surfing, ordering online, blogging, filling out forms to get a subscription to an online newspaper, magazine, do your banking, etc. , giving your personal information to whomever you feel you need to.  Remember…. somewhere, somehow, all your personal information is out there anyhow!!

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