How much arrogance does it take to enter the presidential race when you are under a criminal indictment for abuse of power?  Rick Perry’s arrogance!  It is difficult to top that!  This criminal indictment has been appealed three times and it’s still there!  Texas has the highest number of low income jobs, the most uninsured and if you are a person having a hard time finding a job, feeding and housing the family, etc., Texas has the worst support system in the country.  With hydraulic fracturing, tens of thousands of jobs are disappearing.  This is “Governor” Rick Perry’s Texas!!  And, he thinks he is qualified to be president of the U.S.!!

What is it that makes these presidential contenders think they are “immune” to any prosecution for wrongdoing?    Jeb Bush hasn’t announced he is a candidate.  He’s too busy raking in all the millions he doesn’t have to report for his “candidacy”!  This is now being looked into and unless his “money men” can buy someone off to drop this investigation, there should be some “interesting” results.

Although I know of no indictments or investigations into Ted Cruz at the moment, he should certainly be reprimanded for his smart aleck remark about Vice President Joe Biden while he, his entire family, along with the entire country are mourning the loss of his son, Beau!  This disgraceful and cowardly act by Ted Cruz needs no investigation!

Carly Fiorina was fired from her job at Hewlett- Packard and this makes her “eligible” to run as a Republican in the presidential election!  She left with millions of dollars she earned by “downsizing” and leaving many employees without a job!  That’s another plus to run as a Republican!

Lindsey Graham!  He has sold his soul to the tea party crowd along with the rest of the Republican candidates. His asinine remarks are only outdone by Bobby Jindal (will declare). Ben Carson is the “compassionate” doctor who is against health care!   Rick Santorum keeps on coming back like the ‘Energizer Bunny’ but he needs recharging.  Marco Rubio is still as confused as ever. Rand Paul wants to do away with the entire government.  Mike Huckabee wants the attention…. he’s feeling left out!  Then there is Michael Petyo, a true “tea party” guy!

All we need now is for Jeb Bush to end his “funding campaign” and finally declare his “presidential campaign”!  Then we will have the “Dirty Dozen” Republican candidates for the presidency of the United States!

** I did not include George Pataki because…somehow, he just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest!

However, the “group picture” isn’t complete yet.  Scott Walker is waiting for the Koch brothers to tell him when to declare.  Chris Christy is waiting for one of his “political buddies” to dig him out of the hole he’s in.  Of course, we are holding our breath for Donald Trump “who, in one big leap will single handedly get rid of ISIS permanently!”

It’s a race to the bottom to see which candidate can truly win the tea party vote!

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