President Obama has authorized more U.S. troops be sent to Iraq!  He has also approved a new military base in Anbar Province.  This base is for the 500 “military advisors” he is sending to “show the Iraqi army” how to take the city of Ramadi back from ISIS!  The city the Iraqi army ran away from in the first place because ISIS was there!

Obama said these are not “combat troops”.  They are just “advisors” to devise a strategy for the Iraqi’s to retake Ramadi.  However, this base is much closer to the fighting area and will put our troops in harms way.  Here we go again!!  It is a matter of semantics.  Obama said “no combat troops on the ground.  O.K.  So, what happens if this “advisors” base is attacked by ISIS?  Because they are not “combat troops”, how do they defend themselves?  The bottom line is there are more “combat troops” on the ground no matter what he calls them!

What I don’t understand is why Obama is going the G.W. Bush route when he knows how that turned out.  This may not be the initial invasion or the number of troops at that time but it is still an escalation of a war that has been fought over and over and to no end.  The report is Obama made this decision after talking with the Iraqi President who asked for more help.  Of course, he did!!  The military and national security people in the Obama administration are for it as well, of course!.  Just like the G.W. Bush administration was!  A national reporter who has lived in Iraq for many years said this will not make any difference!  So, they retake Ramadi.  Then what??

After pushing the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement) for the Republicans and now again, going along with the Republicans by becoming more involved in the war in Iraq, is Obama’s real agenda becoming apparent at this late stage of his presidency?  Or, as I have asked before, is Obama just giving up on doing anything more for the American people because of the Republicans obstruction?  Is he “going along” with the Republicans to “get along” with them?

For whatever reason, President Obama is wrong in what he is doing, both on the TPP and the escalation of troops (no matter how small the number) in Iraq.  I wonder what is next on his agenda!

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