Jeb  Bush has already given three different answers when asked if he would have invaded Iraq as his brother, G.W. had done.  1) He would have done what his brother did…invade Iraq. 2) No, he wouldn’t have invaded Iraq 3) Duh! Depends on what “invade” means.

This wasn’t the only time he was talking about Iraq.  According to Joe Conason, Jeb Bush was affiliated with a group called “Project for New American Century’ that laid out a plan for Iraq long before his brother, George, invaded Iraq.  This group was going to use Iraq as a “staging area” to turn the Middle East into a democracy!  Does this sound familiar?  I wonder who had the idea first about invading Iraq…Jeb or George.

On his latest “unofficial act as non-candidate” Jeb went to Europe.  He met with a politician in Poland, who, just the day before, had resigned from office because he had been caught on tape saying the U.S. was “worthless” and “a bunch of losers” (among other comments “not so printable).  So….. Jeb had a meeting, a “photo op” and handshake to “seal the deal”!  The “beltway press” called this trip gaffe-free!  What??

Supposedly, when Jeb finally announces his candidacy, he will concentrate on “Jeb Bush”, “his own man”, past Governor of Florida, yada, yada, yada.  He will try to stay away from his brother, George’s actions as president.  Good Luck with that, Jeb!

If Jeb Bush thinks his time as Governor of Florida is going to help him any, he is mistaken.  His record as Governor is “out there” and other than Republican Floridians, his record is not as “pure” as he would like everyone to think.



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