The United States Supreme Court, once again, agreed to hear arguments against a law that has already been brought before them once before. The Republicans want to take health insurance from six million people who are covered by this Act now!  The ACA (Affordable Care Act/”Obama Care”) has been established and working for several years now.  The Republicans in congress have tried over 40 times to repeal this law. They have failed each time.  Now, they are taking it to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Why is the U.S. Supreme Court agreeing to “hear” this case again?  Good question!  Answer:  because the Supreme Court is “loaded” with very right wing conservative Republicans.  These “right wingers have changed laws that have been on the books for years to help Republicans.  They changed the Voters Rights Act to suit Republicans.  They voted for “Citizens United”, a law that now allows corporations and billionaires to support candidates of their choice in an election without any limitations or disclosures! The majority of these “citizens” are Republican.

Our Republic is being taken apart, bit by bit, by the Republicans in congress, at both national and state levels.  They continue to vote against any legislation that would help the middle class and poverty level citizens.  In fact, they not only vote against any help.  They are trying to do away with what little help there now is.  They want to end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, education, etc.  They are also taking away good jobs in America by passing Trade Agreements  so the corporations can ship these jobs overseas.  These corporations fund these same Republican’s election campaigns!

The U.S. Supreme Court could act on this as soon as next week!  Republicans have a “fast track” through this Supreme Court!!


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