One poll I saw said Hillary Clinton was ahead of Bernie Sanders by 60 points!  Don’t you believe it!  Other polls have Bernie within a margin of 10 points.  It all depends on which polls you read.

The poll giving Hillary the 60 points was by ABC and Wall Street Journal.  Just consider the source!  Wall Street certainly doesn’t want Bernie in charge!  Wall Street and the banks gave us the greatest depression since the 1930’s.  None of them have been held accountable!  The President of the United States, the U.S. Congress, nor anyone else has done anything to make these wealthy “thieves”   pay for what they did to the U.S. economy!!  Neither have any of the destructive policies been rolled back that allowed this in the first place.  They are free to keep on doing the same thing and if not stopped, we will have another depression as bad as the last, if not worse! No one is enforcing the “regulations”!  Bernie will change this.

Democrat Senator, Claire McCaskill, felt the need to “put down” Bernie Sanders by calling him a socialist (a bad word for those who oppose him).  Of course, she is for Hillary Clinton!  She is now one of the many entrenched politician who has learned how to “play the game”!   McCaskill is also one of the Democrats who voted for the TPP.  She will find out how these actions affect her in the next election!  As will the other Democrats who voted for the TPP.  Bernie is for saving American jobs!  Not shipping them overseas!  McCaskill’s remarks only remind us of the “clout” Hillary Clinton, another “entrenched” politician, has.

With thousands of people gravitating towards Sanders, Hillary is going to need all the help she can get!








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