Now that Chris Christie is in the race…..We have a match!!  It will be interesting to see which one will make the most inane remarks until they are no longer relevant in the presidential race.  Not that there aren’t plenty more Republican presidential contenders that make inane and asinine remarks as well!  These two just seem to have a “special inclination” for it!  Oops!  I’m sorry.  I forgot Bobby Jindal!

When Christie talks about how important education is, anyone who reads the news knows this is the guy who fired 6,000 teachers, fought teachers unions and stripped away their pensions. This is the guy when asked by a constituent about education was told to shut up and sit down!

When Christie talks about “compromise”, remember this is the guy who would not compromise with anyone!  Not the Democrats, labor or anyone that did try to compromise with him.  This guy is a bully, has always been a bully and will always be a bully!  That’s how he leads the State of New Jersey and now he wants to lead the United States of America!

So far, Christie’s “leading” has produced an approval rating of 30% in his own state! The state ranks 7th or 8th in the national unemployment rate.  The state’s financial ratings have been downgraded many times.  Christie has no fiscal responsibility. There will always be Bridgegate, not to mention other “shady” deals in his past. There are 9,000 families from the Hurricane Sandy disaster that are still not back in their homes.  A local paper has printed lies he has told throughout his political career. Christie has spent a lot of time out of state working on his next political move, running for president will certainly exacerbate that!  It takes a true narcissist to run for the presidency of the United States with this kind of ‘leadership” record!!

I can hardly wait for the Republican debates!  I wonder who will “make the cut”!



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