Sen. John McCain on his “bully pulpit” in the Senate wants us to go back to a “full blown war” in the Mideast, AGAIN!!  McCain uses ISIS as his reason.  This is a senator who has seen enough wars to last a lifetime.  Yet, he refuses to admit going into the Mideast (Iraq) the first time, under the G.W. Bush presidency was a disastrous mistake with ISIS as one consequence of this war!  McCain called President Obama “delusional”!!  It appears McCain is the delusional one.  He keeps on talking like a “broken record”, repeating the same thing over and over again.  “War…War….War”!!  McCain is no longer a “viable” Senator. He should have retired a long time ago!

I used to respect McCain for “telling it like it is” but that was “many elections” ago.  He is now just another “puppet” for the Republican establishment.  Neither he nor the Republicans do anything for the American people.  All they do is put roadblocks in the way when President Obama tries to.  I no longer have any respect for McCain!

I know McCain is an old war hero and I thank him for his service to our country.  However, wars in the present are not like the wars in the past.  We cannot agree with a demand for another war just because it is being promoted by a war hero. There were many heroes in the same war McCain fought in.  Many of them were tortured as McCain was.  Many of them never returned home or had the opportunity to become a Senator and amass a fortune.  Let’s deal with the present.  The past wars are a painful reminder of the consequences of them.

These wars are promoted by the “Military Industrial Complex” for profit.  They supply the equipment needed to continue these wars.  President Eisenhower warned us of this and now it is a fact!  The fact the Joint Chief, Martin Dempsey, goes to the same Senate hearing for the sole purpose of “warning” us that Iran is still dangerous and poses a serious threat (duh!) is not a “coincidence”.  This is a concerted effort on both McCain and Dempsey’s part to promote more war!  This country is in a “vicious cycle” of being involved in the Middle East where war will not change the minds of the people in these countries.  There are generations upon generations of different religious sects that war with each other to impose their religion on the weakest sect at the moment.  We have no business being involved in any of these wars!  Any reason to do so is grandiose and “delusional”!!

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