Mike Huckabee has, “in one fell swoop” erased all the years he served as a Pastor and as a spokesman for the Christian community!  Huckabee’s statement about President Obama, “he would take the Israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven” referring to the Holocaust has to be the most reprehensible statement made in this presidential campaign!  Does he honestly think this outrageous statement will get him the presidential nomination??  Yes, it certainly got him the attention he wanted but also proved he should not even be a candidate for president or a Pastor of any church!

Huckabee is a man “crying for attention” and if it takes “all hell breaking loose” so be it!  It is so sad to see him ignore all the “Jesus” preaching he has done all these years by acting like the “devil incarnate” himself!   A televangelist once said “Huckabee’s whole life has been shaped by moral absolutes”.  I think the “halo” has definitely slipped in this case.

This “need for attention” may have started when he dropped out of the seminary after one year in order to take a job in broadcasting.  He spent years “getting attention” in that field.  After his failed attempt to become president in 2008, Huckabee went back to the “limelight” via “Fox News”!  He had to end that show in January, 2015 because he wanted to run for president again!   Some guys never give up!  He announced his candidacy on May 5, 2015.  He has been struggling for “recognition” ever since!

With all “well known” Republican “wannabe” presidents saying outlandish things (or downright lying) and Trump getting to the top of the polls by saying the most outlandish things, I guess Huckabee thought “what have I got to lose”?  He will ride this media attention “wave” until someone else makes a more outlandish statement!  They are all trying to “outdo” each other!  These are the people who want to be the leader of our country!!  What a bunch of hogwash!

Evidently, the beltway media doesn’t have anything else of “importance” to cover so they follow these guys around hoping they will catch another “crazy comment”!  This media is full of political pundits looking for attention as well, hoping their analysis of all the “crazies” and the polls will do it!  I am truly disappointed in many of these “journalists”.(?)   There was a time when journalists took their jobs very seriously and worked at finding the truth.  With the exception of too few, all they do now is report the latest outlandish statement and analyze it to death!

We have heard lies or outlandish comments from all of the Republican presidential candidates at one time or another already.  I wonder who will win the game of “One-upmanship”!  It’s just beginning!!

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