Is there any acceptable reason for anyone to hunt an animal just to kill it?  No matter how “legal” Walter Palmer said this killing was, it is a look into this man’s soul and others who hunt for the “thrill” of it.  A man who calls hunting and killing animals as “an activity I love” is cruel, heartless and cowardly!!  It doesn’t matter how “legal” it is! When he said he hunts “responsibly” that is supposed to make the killing alright!  Killing needlessly is not “responsible”!!  Palmer also killed a lion in 2008 and has killed a leopard, rhino and elk.  Who knows what else!  In 2008 Palmer pleaded guilty to lying about where a black bear was killed.  We’re not talking about an innocent novice hunter.  We are talking about a trained killer!

The crossbow Palmer used did not kill “Cecil” so, as he was trying to “survive”, they “tracked” him down and shot him with a rifle!  It took 40 hours of tracking and a bullet to finally kill him!!  Can you imagine the pain this lion was in?’  Can you imagine the fear of what was happening to him after living in a protected area with his family all these years?  When they found “Cecil”, he was beheaded and skinned!!  This is Palmer’s legacy!  He is no better than any other killer!

Cecil’s cubs are in danger now when a younger male tries to take over the Pride and kills them.  At the same time Cecil was killed a couple thousand miles away five male elephants were killed for their tusks. What happens to their families? The money Palmer and others spend on this “horrific activity” could be better used to help save an endangered species rather than hunt and kill them!!

In the last 30 years the lion populace has been cut in half by hunters!  70% of the male lions on the border of the National Park have been shot by hunters.  One hundred elephants are killed each day for their tusks.  They are down by 64% in the last decade because of hunters.  Two species of Rhinos are critically endangered.   According to Biologist, Dr. Reese Halter, today we are in the midst of the 6th great mass of extinctions.  In the last 30 years 50% are gone!  In the developing countries organized crime has moved in and is running the poaching.  Who is going to stop this slaughter??

The New York Times profiled Palmer in 2009.  They were an “enabler” for hunters like Palmer.  They are part of the problem!  In 2014 a reality show paid $350,000 to hunt an endangered black Rhino.  They are part of the problem!

Theo Bronkhorst is also charged with the killing of “Cecil”.  He is the founder of “Bushman Safaris”.  His sons and wife help run the business in Zimbabwe.  Check out their Facebook page if it is still up.  It gives you the “mindset” of these hunters.  It’s questionable whether Bronkhorst will be punished since he has an “in” with government officials there.

I hope “Cecil’s” death will bring out some good laws against these killings.  I would hate to think he died in vain!

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