I know…I know…this has been talked about so much it is mind-boggling!   One writer said the debate was a “raucous, riotous and spectacularly memorable GOP face-off.”  I must have been watching a different debate!  ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

The host “interrogators” spent the first awkward minutes on “cutesy chit chat” ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz, and a commercial break before it even began!  It seemed the hosts weren’t quite sure what to say or what to do next.  Chris Wallace’s suggestion of having a “quiet moment” turned into an “awkward minute”.  It took them quite a few questions before they appeared to feel “comfortable” with what they were doing!  Once they got going, they gained their “hubris”.

When Chris Wallace was tired of Trump’s answer to his question, he dismissed him with a “flick of the finger”!  Megyn Kelly made herself “part of the story” (something a good journalist never does!) by getting into a shouting match with Trump about how he treated women. Bret Baier “set the stage for the evening” by asking the candidate(s) to make a “pledge not to run an independent campaign”!  Hello!!  Everyone knew he was “aiming” at Trump!

The rest of the evening was pretty much the same.  “Baiting Trump at every turn”, even giving a few “zinger questions” to the rest of them.  It did appear these moderators were ready to be tough in their questions.  However, there is no doubt those questions were mostly “out to get Trump”.  There was no real “substance” at this debate.  Even some Republicans said the moderators didn’t ask questions on the issues they cared about.  If this is any preview of what’s to come in other FOX debates, I wonder how many will tune in to the next one!

Everyone who knows the FOX News agenda is well aware this debate was no more than Republican spin regurgitated!  The fact the “establishment Republicans” try so hard to “shut Trump up only shows their arrogance!  The last time I heard, this is still a “free speech country”!   So, Trump is a loudmouth.  So what?  He has as much right to speak as any of the other  candidates!   What a bunch of “pious liars”!!  What makes them think they are any better than him when it comes to telling the truth?   It’s a comedy of errors!



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