David J. Leonard Article TELLING ME IT’S NOT MY BUSINESS!!

Jamie Utt posted an article written by David Leonard that literally told me to “mind your own business”!  I am writing this post as a response to that article because after a few comments, the comment section was closed.  Leonard was writing about the incident in Seattle, Washington where two black women jumped on the stage, took over the microphone and would not give it back to the Bernie Sanders organizers.  There were 10,000 people waiting to hear what Bernie Sanders had to say but because these two would not stop their “rant”, the event was ended before it even got started!

In the article Leonard wrote “whether the action was strategic and whether targeting Bernie was the right move the dialogue should continue to take place within Black liberation space, but white folks, that’s not our business.” !!  He also wrote “we as white folks would do well to remember that people and Black organizations aren’t monoliths”.  What is this “we” business??  Leonard didn’t ask me if I wanted him to speak for me!  Leonard would do well to remember that white people aren’t monoliths either!!

I would like to know what exactly “Leonard’s rules” are for “blacks commenting on white behavior or whites commenting on black behavior”.  Last time I looked, this is a “free speech country” and whether black or white, we have a right to express our own opinions!  When does any person (black/white; man/woman) have the right to comment when two people (black/white; woman/man) take over an event that had been planned for a presidential candidate and a crowd of 10,000 were waiting to hear him speak?  What is the difference when white people speak up about the injustice black people have suffered in this country?  Leonard’s words are actually pitting black against white and this is not the way to promote “good race relations” within any community!

Leonard has the right to express his beliefs but he does not have the right to include all whites or all blacks in anything he writes about.  As he said himself, we are not monoliths!  We are separate individuals with our own opinions and have as much right as he does to express them!  He does not have the right to tell anyone “that’s not your business”!!   This is the most “arrogant” statement I have ever heard!!

If anyone questions my reason for this post, just read what I have written about how badly blacks are treated in this country!  In particular, the post entitled “AFTER THE 4th of JULY – WHAT CHANGES?”.

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