Joe Lieberman is the personification of every ex-member of congress that has become a lobbyist!  There are so many, I can’t even name them all!  Lieberman has all the perks from being in congress from “inside deals” making him wealthy to a large retirement fund, health care, etc. but that isn’t enough for him. He needs to “sell his soul” to do work for corporations that are undermining the very democracy of our country!  Oh, I forgot!  Lieberman already sold his soul when he ran as an Independent in the general election because he lost his re-election bid as a Democrat in the primary in that election!

Lieberman now goes against a Democrat president, (supposedly his party affiliation (?)) in order to get money from the greedy corporations. This also helps his friend, Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel whom Lieberman has sided with every time Netanyahu interfered in U.S. foreign policy!

This time Lieberman has become “Chairman” of a group he, Lindsey Graham and John McCain formed named “United against Nuclear Iran” (UANI).  As if anyone is “for” a nuclear Iran!!   As Chairman, Lieberman is the “head lobbyist” for this “against U.S. foreign policy” group. This group is nothing new.  It is just another appendage to the already Republican party effort to derail the Iran Nuclear deal that has been worked extremely hard on for months and includes other countries as well as the U.S.  Lieberman has no problem “selling out” his own country or any other involved in this deal!

There are so many “sell-out America” ex-members of congress, it is hard to say who is worse.  However, I would put Joe Lieberman at the top of the list!  The only good thing that came out of the 2000 national election was Lieberman didn’t become Vice President of the U.S.!  Can you imagine what kind of foreign policy he would push?  Very scary thought indeed!

Lieberman will continue his “spit on American democracy” ways as long as someone is willing to pay him for it!



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