With regard to the Iran Nuclear deal.  Senator Chuck Schumer is another member of congress who opposes his president, his fellow Democrats and the majority of the people in his own country in order to “placate” a leader of another country, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and some of the Jewish people in New York.  Most of the American Jews along with other leaders in Israel say it is a good deal.  We can now count Schumer as another “turncoat” that joined the Republicans in their effort to derail a deal that not just the U.S., but five other countries as well have worked exceedingly hard to get done.

President Obama received a letter from 29 of the nation’s leading scientists who called the Iran deal “technically sound, stringent and innovative and it would provide the necessary assurance in the coming decade and more that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons.”

The military, including every branch of service gave a letter to the president.  It included “There is no better option to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon and if the deal is rejected by America, the Iranians could have a nuclear weapon within a year.”  “The choice is that stark.”

After hearing all the reasons why the deal should be approved, Schumer said “the president should seek a “better deal.”!  Along with everyone else who opposes this deal, none of them have an “alternative deal” except WAR!!

Schumer has been assuming he will take the lead in the Senate when Harry Reid retires.  He shouldn’t be too sure of that.  Even though he still has “friends” in the Democrat party, he shouldn’t count on them either!

This is a vote Democrats will be watching very closely and they will remember those votes in the upcoming election!  That includes the other Democrat “turncoats”!  It’s typical “power playing” in congress on the most important decision that could not only affect America but the rest of the world as well.

It is on their “heads” if the Iran nuclear deal does not pass!

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