Jeb Bush is trying to the put the blame on anyone other than the one who is to blame for the Iraq invasion disaster.  His brother, George!  He does not want his brother or the “Bush” name “sullied” (even though it already is!).  He is either in “deep denial” or just an outright liar about the facts.  Take your pick!

Jeb has obviously “chosen to forget” the agreement in 2008 his brother, George, signed with Iraq on the withdrawal of United States forces from Iraq.  President George W. Bush agreed to withdraw our troops from Iraqi cities by June of 2009 and from the whole country by December 31, 2011.  Also, the 2009 closing of our POW facility, Camp Bucca.  One of those prisoners released by brother, George, was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who became the head of ISIS!

So, Jeb.  The true fact is your brother, George, not President Obama or Hillary Clinton is responsible for “the rise of the Islamic state” (ISIS) and is solely responsible for his “blind haste to get out”!  President Obama was not in office when the agreement was signed!

Jeb has given no plan for defeating ISIS.  Talk is cheap.  Action requires a plan and Jeb has no plan.  He is just another “war hawk” trying to convince the American people that if we send in enough troops and get totally immersed in the “religious war” going on in the Middle East, we will be “victorious”.  Who does he think he is? “Alexander the Great”??

Jeb Bush has no foreign policy experience and depending on his brother, George (as Jeb has already said he did) or any member of George’s previous administration is pure folly!  Although Jeb won’t admit it, we all know how their “foreign policies” are working out!!

So far in his campaign, all Jeb Bush has done is attack the Democrats, spout extreme conservative propaganda and amass the largest amount of money in history for his political campaign!  Not once has he said what he would do for America!







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