Electing a president is choosing a leader who stands for the heart and soul of America.  The way the campaign for president is being presented by the media, one would think it is just a big game!  At the top of this game is “carnival barker”, Donald Trump!  The media is so enamored with him, they give him 24/7 coverage.  Then there are the Republican “establishment” contenders, the “clowns” in the ring!  The Democrat “establishment” contender is doing the “high wire” act, hoping she doesn’t fall!

According to the “establishment” media, this is the extent of our choices for President. This is who the pollsters pick to rate.  This is who the media gives the attention to.  Never mind there is one “serious” candidate, Bernie Sanders, watching from “ringside”.  Bernie Sanders has been drawing crowds long before Trump jumped into the “ring”!  The Sander crowds come to his events because he addresses what the problems in our country are and what he intends to do about them if he becomes president.  He is precise and never vacillates on any issue.  He says what he strongly believes and has supported these beliefs his entire life.  Sanders is the only one who has given a solution to this country’s problems. Yet, he is mostly ignored by the media.

When two campaigning Republican candidates, Chris Christie and Ted Cruz make cruel remarks about former President Jimmy Carter as he is fighting cancer, what does the media report?  They give us more of Trump!  There are no consequences for these two Republican candidates! Their offensive behavior is ignored except for the reporting by a few “real journalists”.

Another Republican contender, Jeb Bush is now “revising” the term “anchor baby” (a disgusting term used for pregnant women from Mexico entering the U.S. to give birth so their child automatically becomes a U.S. citizen).  Now, he is saying the “anchor baby” term is actually “more related to Asian people than Hispanics”.  He doesn’t want to offend the very large Hispanic voting population in the U.S.  However, he doesn’t care if he offends another large number of immigrants to America.  What kind of a president would he make?

These are just recent examples of what is going on in this campaign for president.  There are so many examples of “who not to vote for” in this campaign!  Candidates who make outrageous statements, candidates who lie about their past leadership, candidates who pit conservative    Christians against liberal Christians, candidates who promise to stop the funding from the big corporations in elections while they are taking money from those very same corporations, ad infinitum!

This campaign will show you who “rises above the slime” and who “wallows in it!




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