While the U.S. media is giving Trump and Hillary’s e-mails 24/7 coverage, men, women and children are losing their lives trying to find a little piece of “humanity” left in this world!!

A Norwegian aid worker carried the lifeless body of a small child from the ocean where he and others have lost their lives while fleeing from the horrors of war.  The father of this child also lost another son and his wife when their boat capsized.  He lost his entire family.  They were trying to get to Canada where they had an aunt.  Now, he has no family, home, food or shelter and he is treated shamelessly by the Hungarian government!  The surviving refugees are looking for help.  What they have received is the exact opposite of that.  Hungary has been erecting a barbed wire fence along its more than 100 mile border with Serbia to prevent migrants crossing. This mass of humanity is left to live in the streets of Hungary with no food or a place to sleep.

Hundreds of these refugees who had expected to board trains to Austria and Germany had Hungarian police officers stopping them at the rail station.  A spokeswoman for the station said the problem is “proper documentation”.  Many have been at Keleti station in Budapest for five days with no food or sleep.  Thursday a train with some refugee passengers were finally allowed to board only to be stopped by Hungary at a refugee camp in the town of Biske.  The latest report said refugees in three trains are now surrounded by police in Biske.

Meanwhile, today refugees still at the train station left to walk to Austria, 100 miles away!  No one driving on the highway stopped to help them and taxi drivers were told not to pick anyone up!  The only help they have received is from caring Hungarian volunteers who went to the highway to give them water!  Another problem is Italian authorities have been requested by Bavarian authorities in Germany to reinstate border controls at the Italian-Austrian line and Austria and Slovakia borders are closed.

Italy and Greece have the largest numbers of refugees who have already arrived.  President Erdogan of Turkey has accepted one and a half million refugees.  A Netherlands TV program blamed the European Union (EU) as partly responsible for refugee deaths because the EU is 5.5 times bigger than Turkey.

Members of the EU, Germany, France and Italy have asked the 28 nations to take in their fair share of refugees. EU member states did agree in July to take in more than 32,000 migrants to ease the burden on Italy and Greece.  President, Francois Hollands said he and Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel are proposing ways to deal with the crisis.  Their proposals will be submitted to a meeting of European interior ministers on Sept. 14th.  However, meanwhile nothing has been set up to take care of the refugees.

There has only been help from small organizations and private individuals who have distributed food, clothing and provided basic medical needs.  Spokesman for the United Nations said municipal authorities in Budapest have not accepted the U.N. refugee agency’s offers of help with the growing crisis there.  These refugees need immediate help on a large scale.  Hungary is unwilling to deal with this.  The Budapest government will create the legal framework to deploy the army against refugees!  Hungarian official policy is to put refugees in camps until asylum claims can be processed.

There are signs of acceptance and welcome for these refugees.  Italy’s South Tyrol governor, Arno Kompatscher has asked the Italian government for permission to help Bavaria.  Meantime, the region of Alto Adige will host 300 to 400 refugees with shelter and food.  In Reykjavik, Icelanders want to accept more refugees.  After 60% of the German public said they support welcoming the refugees Merkel got “on board”.  There needs to be many more “getting on board” to help these refugees.  Although the U.S. has promised to accept thousands of refugees, where is the immediate help?  I find it hard to believe a country as small as Hungary can dictate to the rest of the world they cannot send help to these refugees now!!

I can’t say that the U.S. is handling the immigration problem in our own country any better.  Of course, there is a huge difference between “wanting to live in America” and fleeing your home country because of war!  Nevertheless, wherever people seek refuge, they should be welcome.















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