Why does the U.S. media still give Dick Cheney so much coverage?  It is unfathomable!  There is only a “dark side” to this man.  Cheney is a ranting blowhard who continues his self serving rhetoric ad infinitum!

Cheney is the instigator, prevaricator and enforcer of the invasion of Iraq in 2003!  His dastardly deeds are unprecedented by any sitting vice president in the history of our country!  Yet, the U.S. media gives him “legitimacy” and attention every time he speaks!  In March of this year, Playboy gave Cheney nine pages to ‘lambaste” President Obama.  I will not repeat what he said because he is vicious and delusional!  Recently, the U.S. media covered Cheney’s speech at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).  Again, Cheney blaming President Obama for everything that was and is wrong in Iraq!  For the media, print or TV, it doesn’t matter that there is no truth in anything Cheney says!  They repeat it anyhow!

The only organization that will listen to him is the AEI whose members includes other “instigators” of the Iraq war.  Paul Wolfowitz, John Ashcroft, John Bolton, etc.  They like to get together to reassure each other that they are still “relevant”, if only to each other and the “war mongers” in the Republican Party. Karl Rove is also an “associate”.

When he was in the H.W. Bush administration in 1994, then Defense Secretary Dick Cheney said “occupying and attempting to take over the country (Iraq) would have been a “bad idea” and would have led to a “quagmire”, adding that “That’s a very volatile part of the world.” Cheney also talked about the Americans killed in the fight in Kuwait saying “For the 146 Americans killed in action, and for their families – it wasn’t a cheap war.” And…“the question for the president (H.W. Bush)…..was how many additional dead Americans is Saddam worth?  Our judgment was, not very many, and I think we got it right.”

Fast Forward to 2000, now Vice President Dick Cheney.  He had no concern for how many American service members would be killed or injured (as of 2010, close to 5,000!) or Iraqi’s killed (500,000) when they invaded Iraq in 2003.  He had no concern about our country getting into a “quagmire” in the Middle East!  He had no concern terrorist groups (al Qaeda, ISIS, etc.) would emerge from the void left when the G.W.Bush/Dick Cheney administration actually made matters worse with their incompetent handling of the aftermath of the invasion.  Not to mention the 3 Trillion dollars it cost the U.S. Treasury (the taxpayers) spent on this fiasco!

In the present, 2015.  Cheney is “bloviating” about the Iran Nuclear Agreement.  Back to 1998.  Cheney wanted to make deals with Iran!  He was all for “negotiations” then!  On to 2015, Cheney “flat out lied” when he blamed Obama for Iran’s nuclear weapons.  When, in fact, the G.W. Bush/Cheney administration had eight years to deal with Iran. They did nothing!  There were only two nuclear centrifuges in 2007 and this grew to more than 5,000 nuclear centrifuges  before Obama became president.  During the G.W. Bush/Cheney administration more weapons were put into the Middle East than had ever been there before.

Cheney blamed President Obama for the present turmoil in the Middle East. That again, is a downright lie!  The Bush/Cheney administration and Iraqi government made a treaty mandating U.S. troop withdrawal by a certain date.  Obama only carried out those treaty requirements.  The Iraqis want no more U.S. troops in Iraq!

The only conclusion any informed person can come to is that the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney administration is solely responsible for the “quagmire” and rising terrorist groups in the Middle East. They have not put just Iraq, but the entire Middle East into full scale chaos with no end in sight!!

I look at Dick Cheney and “I see the worst vice president in my lifetime, without question….it’s a real tragedy”.  Dick Cheney has no conscience, morality or courage.  He has no soul!


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