With the end of the second Republican Debate, we have even more to look forward to!!  There is more hyperbole to come!  More entertainment than a three ring circus!  More lies, more hyping of their careers, and more blah blah blahs!  Not one of the candidates detailed any plan to help the American people!

The dust has pretty much settled from the past debate.  The analysis defined by which party the talk show host or writer agrees with.  The “hype” will still go on.

So here we go with the latest Trump outrageous statement which is no longer “outrageous”…just expected.

Here we go with more fear mongering by Marco Rubio. He’s one of those “war hawks” who voted No when Obama requested help for Syria.

Here we go with the “over the top” lies from Mike Huckabee. Huckabee’s comment that the Iran nuclear agreement is “a threat to the survival of Western Civilization” is a real zinger!  Also, that “religious beliefs” should trump federal law”!  Has he read the United States Constitution yet??

On with John Kasich, the guy who was Managing Director of Lehman Brothers until they failed, who bragged about how he knows how to “balance a budget”!

On with Chris Christie lying profusely about his reign as Governor of New Jersey.  Especially after scolding Trump and Fiorina about taking so much time to talk about their “careers”.  Christy using 9/11 to gain sympathy because his wife worked in New York at the time was as low as one gets!  His most hypocritical statement of the evening was when he “demanded” Hillary Clinton be prosecuted for her emails!  Anyone remember “Bridgegate”??

“Teddy boy” (known as Ted Cruz) will be busy trying to shut down the government…again!  He’s another one of the “war hawks” that voted No on Obama’s request to help Syria. He hopes to gain “traction” by being a “religious fanatic”!

Dr. Ben Carson was the “quiet man” of the bunch.  He did manage to recommend a “flat tax” because “the government should not take the wealthy incomes and “distribute them”!  I wonder what his yearly income is!  His recent statement about Muslims reveals what a bigot he is!

Rand Paul goes even further on taxes.  He wants a 14 ½% flat tax and eliminate the entire tax code with no exceptions for the working class!  I do agree with him on one thing concerning the Middle East.  Troops on the ground there need to be from people who live there…not U.S. soldiers.

Carly Fiorina.  She found her place among the radical right with “no negotiations” with Iran or any other country that gives us trouble.  This is her foreign policy!  She “hit the jackpot” when she told downright lies about Planned Parenthood.  She’s on her way to steal Trump’s “thunder”.  They both spent the most time bragging about their “dubious” accomplishments!  She was one of the “No Iran nuclear agreement” to cater to “her buddy”, BB Netanyahu’s crowd in New York”!  She didn’t mention what the U.S. just gave Israel to defend itself!

Low man on the totem pole, Scott Walker has just announced he is ending his run for president. Hopefully, the national news media will not give him any more attention!

Lastly, we come to the “Republican establishment’s fair haired boy”, Jeb Bush.  Jeb bragged about his time as governor of Florida and how he defunded Planned Parenthood!  He said No to the Iran nuclear agreement for the same votes Carla Fiorina is looking for. He never mentioned how much military aid Obama is giving Israel either. He is looking for “traction” by announcing he is a “Reaganer”.  Jeb said the federal government should make “accommodations for religion”!  How does that square with the Constitution of the United States of America?

How many people know Jeb Bush worked for Lehman Brothers until the Wall Street collapse? You know, the collapse that threw our country into a depression?  Something else his brother, George, can take credit for!  Did Jeb Bush lose his job because of this collapse?  He just went on to work for another Wall Street firm!

The most offensive statement Jeb made was that his brother, George, kept America safe for seven years!  Jeb failed to mention the 9/11 attack occurred during the first year of “his brother’s” presidency.  In that attack close to 3,000 Americans were killed!  Nor did Jeb mention while his brother, George, was on vacation in Texas the month before (August) he received the “intelligence briefing” concerning a possible attack on the U.S. by airplanes!  Nor did Jeb  mention his brother, George’s response to this briefing by saying “All right.  You’ve covered your ass now”!

Jeb Bush keeps saying “I am my own man” but is following in his brother’s footsteps in every way.  He really does have a lot of nerve blaming Obama for anything after what his brother, George, did to this country when he was president!!  Jeb is going down a “slippery slope”!

I don’t know who to attribute this quote to but I think it says it all:  “Only in America…do we use the word “politics” to describe the process so well:  “Poli” in Latin meaning “many” and “tics” meaning “bloodsucking creatures”!








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