John Boehner “zippity do dah”ed  his way out of congress Friday.  He never looked as happy in his entire time as Speaker of the House.  Of course, right away speculation began on the Pope’s visit having something to do with Boehner’s resignation.  Only God knows!

We will never know if Boehner resigned because of the impending vote on shutting down the government again.  This would put him in a very “shaky” position with a possible vote on his speakership role.  Boehner said “It had become clear to me the prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution.”  Question:  Why did he not see the “irreparable harm” to this country with the legislation he allowed to be passed?

Boehner is the first Speaker of the House that ever resigned in the middle of a congressional session.  Before him, two other Republican speakers resigned because of “scandals” and the third, although he left congress having no scandal, is now under investigation for years of criminal activity (while he was also in congress!).

As Speaker of the House in Boehner’s first congressional session (112th session), the House was the least productive in the history of congress, as was the 113th congressional session.  In fact, during Boehner’s tenure little has been accomplished, even with a Republican majority in the House.  This is why the people in America are so angry with congress.

Even though Boehner allowed the U.S. to exceed the National debt ceiling, he did manage to help President Obama avoid an economic disaster by getting debt ceiling legislation passed. Score one for him.

I still wonder why Boehner didn’t consider the “institution” of the United States when he led the Republicans to:

  1. Shut down the government for 16 days which laid off thousands of workers and cost the economy $25 billion!

2) Vote to defund Obamacare 54 times! Voting again even after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it  legal.

3) Vote no on the Iran nuclear agreement that other countries as well as the United States negotiated.

4) Without President Obama’s consent, invited P.M. Netanyahu of Israel (who had no business interfering in U.S. foreign policy) to give a speech to the U.S. congress on why they should vote no on the Iran nuclear agreement.  A treasonous act!

  1. Cut the poor out of their budget.
  1. Fight against any gun owner legislation (open carry, machine guns, rifles, etc.)

There are many more anti-government/anti-American laws Boehner led his party on.  For more information on these go to the government’s Library of Congress… search John Boehner.

Now that Boehner is resigning the end of October, the right wing extremists will have to find another leader that will go along with their agenda to fight everything Obama presents.  Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s name has been mentioned.  This is a man who throughout his entire career in congress has presented and passed only two bills!  One is to name a U.S. post office. The other is renaming a Flight Research Center!  That’s it!  Neither does anything to help the American people or our country!  McCarthy has ties to the Tea party and is definitely a staunchly conservative Republican but has not “excited” any of them.

Good luck to the next speaker of the house!  Whoever it is will have to deal with the same 30/40 fanatics who are not “reined in”.  These fanatics will do anything to get their own way…including shutting down the government…AGAIN!!

Maybe Boehner did pay attention to the Pope’s message!

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