My prayers are with the families of those who lost loved ones in this horrible attack.  It is a senseless tragedy.  I also pray for comfort for those who went through this attack in that school.  This is something they will never forget. These prayers should be first and foremost before anyone makes any “political” comment on this tragedy.

The anger one feels about such a senseless tragedy is expressed in many different ways.  However, some of this anger is downright harmful and just another opportunity to express political beliefs!  It is a sad commentary about what is going on in our country today.  When someone’s reaction to a tragedy like this is ignoring the victims and their families to “spout off” about gun control and blaming everyone who does not agree with them, it says something about our “humanity”.  It shows how many think their beliefs are more important than the lives lost.

I have read many angry comments on this tragedy and not one mentioned the victims or their families.  The comments were full of “hatred” for the other side’s political beliefs on gun control.  This includes both political sides!  The most “unfeeling” comment was Jeb Bush saying “stuff happens”!!

We are in a “vicious cycle” that will never end until something is done about it.  After every shooting such as this, the sides are drawn on who is responsible even though there is no simple answer or solution for these killings. The TV talk shows keep repeating what we already know and bring in “experts” to tell us the reason for these killings, which, is also repetitive.  The president does what he is expected to do but no one really listens.  The battle line between Republicans and Democrats is drawn and each party tells us what should be done but… no one has the right answer!  That is because there is no “right answer”!  It is a complicated web with many different paths.  If we would just concentrate on getting these different paths to come together, maybe something could be done to prevent some of these tragedies.

How would it hurt any hunter, sport shooter or homeowner to have stricter gun laws?  What difference would that make to anyone who has no intention to harm anyone?  Would it hurt each state to put more effort on enforcing these laws among gun sellers and find a way to at least lessen the illegal gun selling?  How can we make sure illegal guns are not sold on the internet?  I understand stricter gun laws alone will not solve the problem but it’s one of the paths to follow.

We have to separate the pure “hate” killings from the mentally unstable killings. There is a different answer for each of these. With the mentally unstable, how can we help family members and friends become more aware of the signs of behavior that could lead to these acts and do something about those concerns before it is too late.  In most every case of mass shootings there have been “signs” the person is not acting” “normally”.  We have to be diligent when someone we know is feeling “persecuted”, angry, ignored, or depressed more than usual.  When we know someone well enough we will be able to “sense” there is something wrong.  Maybe it’s as simple as something they say that “sounds the alarm” something is not right.  These “alarm bells” have been written about many times and are nothing new.  The problem is they are not being paid attention to.

The “hate killings” are something different and are probably the hardest to deal with simply because these “haters” are accepted as “normal” in certain communities and are encouraged to act on their hatred!  As I have said before, no one is born with hate.  It is a “learned” emotion from those who raise you and those around you. The mentally disturbed act alone.  The “haters” have a full “community” of other haters backing their actions!!

These are just two examples of a very complicated “web”.  There are people out there that have the knowledge to work on different paths of that “web” that could make a difference.  If everyone would contribute to what could be done to lessen these shootings rather than make hateful comments about who is at fault, it’s possible we could all make a difference.

No one has all the answers.  If everyone works together maybe we could find some.

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