The chaos of selecting a new House Speaker is the result of the Republican establishment catering to the tea party (which they created) and using someone like Sarah Palin on the presidential ticket with John McCain to get them “riled up”!  The Republicans have shown their ignorance and “short sightedness” in order to get G.W. Bush elected.  They created “this monster” and now they are unable to control it!

The Republicans are now “reaping” what they have “sown”!  This goes back to “G.W. Bush’s brain”, Karl Rove, who led the Republican’s to “stir up” conservative Christian and anti-government voters to create the tea party.  It worked well.  Along with the U.S. Supreme Court, it did get G.W. Bush elected!

You don’t hear much from Karl Rove these days, do you??  Or, anyone in the G.W. Bush administration… except sidekick, Dick Cheney, trying to be “relevant” again with the same lies he used to invade Iraq!  Republicans do not want to take responsibility for creating this chaos but anyone who follows the “history” of politics knows very well what led to it.  Now they are paying the “price” for their folly!

The Republicans have put their “young gun” in a “no win situation”.  They had high hopes for Paul Ryan’s ascension to president someday.  I’m sure Ryan is not happy with the situation with that being his end goal as well.  If he is “forced” to take over the House Speaker role, he will have to actually work for anything to be accomplished in the House.  He has led a “charmed life” so far but that will change.  Personally, his Ayn Rand philosophy will not work for him here!  Based on the performance of the House Freedom Caucus these past six years, Ryan will not be able to “herd”” the House Freedom Caucus to “negotiate” with President Obama on anything.  He will just be another failed House Speaker. If he becomes a “tea partier” on legislation, the Republican establishment will have nothing to do with him.  That is his dilemma.

Maybe, after eight years of a disastrous G.W. Bush presidency and another six years of the “tea party coalition” stopping the government from working for the American people, “the chickens have finally come home to roost”!

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