The MSM have had their say.  The social media have had theirs.  The difference between the two is absolutely stunning!  MSM gave Hillary Clinton the win.  Social media gave Bernie Sanders the win.  Social media has millions more participating in “who won” than all the journalists, editors, publishers etc. in MSM.  Anyone who follows politics knows perfectly well Hillary has an “in” with MSM!  Her years spent in the White House, as a Senator from New York and as Secretary of State has given her time to “cultivate” the MSM.  After her appearance in the debate MSM decided they better stop the email news because they certainly don’t want to be on the wrong side of a president, should she win the election. They could give a hoot about being on the wrong side of Bernie Sanders!  He may surprise them all!

Anderson Cooper was doing his best to get some “action” going” between candidates.  He baited one candidate by asking for a comment on an action taken by another candidate in hopes that would start a “heated” discussion.  It didn’t work as he would have liked.  He did ask some good policy questions that needed answering.

Poor Lincoln Chafe!  He didn’t stand a chance.  Anderson all but ignored him.  That is a sad commentary on who the MSM favorites are.  Although Chafe has a liberal voting record (even when he was a Republican), Anderson did not give him the time to talk about this.  Chafe had to give it in “sound bites” when he was given the opportunity.  How many people know Chafe (again, as a Republican), was against the second term for G.W. Bush.  Anderson gave Chafe a “raw deal”!  I am not a Chafe supporter.  However, he deserves credit where credit is due!

Although Jim Webb was given a little more time to speak, he had to keep asking Anderson for the time.  It reminded me of a child having “to raise his hand so the teacher would allow him to speak”!  Jim Webb is a Reagan appointee and a war hero.  Although he was not in the Senate to vote on the Iraq war, he was against it.  During his term as a Republican Senator in 2007 he did get legislation passed to prohibit the use of funds for military operations in Iran without the prior approval of Congress.   He also had legislation passed to help military families. However, his “overall thinking” is more in line with the Republicans.  He does have a problem with being too arrogant and aggressive.  He has also been married three times.  I don’t know why he was divorced twice and am not passing judgement.  I am just giving the facts.

And, as always, there is Hillary Clinton.  Hillary “held her own” with the typical politically correct answers to the questions!  When asked about TPP, Hillary said she was against it after she said she was for it!  The “weakest” statement she made was as a NY Senator, she told Wall Street to “stop” while they were “taking the economy on a downward spiral”!  WOW!  That’s telling them!  However, she didn’t tell her husband, then President Bill Clinton, to “stop” when he repealed the Glass-Steagall law, giving Wall Street and the banks cart blanche to do whatever they wanted with no regulations whatsoever!  She reached her “nadir” when she made the mistake of attacking Sanders concerning his votes in the past.  Sanders gave a satisfactory explanation for those votes. This is Hillary’s way of thanking Sanders for his defense of her!  She continues to be a political “piranha” and will say anything (including lying) she thinks will get her votes.  She also has big money backing her every move!  She “caters” to women and some  women will vote for her simply because they want a woman president.  Not necessarily because they think she is qualified to be president.  However, women also like what Bernie Sanders has to say so that’s not a “done deal” for her.

I think Bernie Sanders won the night when he came to Hillary’s defense on her e-mail scandal.  This was definitely not a “politically correct” thing to do, especially not in a televised debate… helping another presidential candidate out.  It shows who Bernie Sanders is.  He does the right thing and has the desire to have an honest debate about the issues.  You could tell by the answers he gave on the policy questions.  He never changes his beliefs to suit “which way the wind is blowing”.  I believe he is the most sincere and capable person running for the presidency.  He is “authentic” in every way.



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