What more can be said about Hillary Clinton’s performance at the Benghazi hearings??  I have read many MSM opinion pieces as well as the comment sections in these pieces.  It boils down to two opinions.  The Republicans think the “interrogaters” won and the Democrats think Hillary won.  So, what else is new?

The comment sections on articles I have read have the same results.  The difference is the “language” used to express their opinions.  You can “feel” the hate from the staunch Republican comments.  From the Hillary supporters, based on her performance, you are told who the next president will be.

I have come to the conclusion that this country is run by a bunch of second rate lawyers who couldn’t make it in the private sector so they became politicians.  This whole Benghazi business has taken too many years and too much taxpayer money to come to the same conclusion in nine “investigations”!!  Meanwhile, there is so much to be done for our country before it collapses from inattention!  The Republicans have done nothing but stop anything that would help the middle class ever since Obama was president.  Time spent by them on actually doing something productive for the country is zero!   This is the State of our Union!

Why is it that this type of “charade” gets more attention than an American soldier losing his life in Iraq?  He was killed helping our allies, the Kurds, free seventy five ISIS prisoners that were to be killed the next day?  Or, the latest conflict between Israel and the Palestinians with Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu blaming the Palestinians for the holocaust! Or, seven more churches burned in St. Louis, Missouri!  The list goes on!  Yet, all attention is on another useless investigation into the Benghazi tragedy.  The investigation was political and the coverage is political as well!!  There is nothing new in any of it except that it happened while Hillary Clinton is running for president and gives her a boost in the polls.

Although I am not a supporter of hers, I think Hillary did a very good job in handling the onslaught.   Nor, will I be a supporter based on a one day appearance.  There are still many questions on issues that have to be discussed in order to determine who would be the best candidate for president.

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