Don’t you just love reading all the opinions on the Republican debate Wednesday night!  “Here’s the winners and here’s the losers.”  “This is why Jeb will never be president.”  “This is why Rubio will.”  Trump lost”, etc.  Headlines from “wild and wooly” to a more calm “clashed”, etc.   I must have watched a different debate than others.   I didn’t see much excitement.  Just the usual political “brouhaha”.  If the result CNBC wanted was to inform the American voters, it failed miserably!

There was one moment that could be described as “wild”.  That was when Ted Cruz lambasted the moderators for their stupid questions and calling CNBC out for its rules of the debate.  His performance was the usual “staged event”!  It was also a way not to answer a question he didn’t like!  However, as difficult it is for me to agree with Cruz on anything, I do believe the moderators did ask inane questions that had nothing to do with the issues people were wanting to hear about.

Some opinions were that Trump had a bad night because he wasn’t his usual “blustery” self.  I saw his demeanor as a “settling in” to the whole debate process and finally giving others a chance to have their say.  Of course, his rhetoric hasn’t changed any.  He still has no rational answer for the issues facing our country.  Trump is just one big “fizzle”, blustery or otherwise!

Ben Carson appeared to be and sounded “tired”. His answers to the questions bore that out!  They were nonsensical and it took him forever to answer a simple question. His “flat tax” was a bust!  Has his 15 minutes of fame passed?

Rand Paul’s “flat tax” went nowhere either.  When he was asked a question but took the “answer time” to “scold” the moderators for not giving him enough time, he paid dearly for it.  He was not allowed more time to answer the initial question. He was not happy!

Carly Fiorina is like a broken record.  She just keeps spinning the same lies.  I wonder if she will be at the “kid’s table” again.

Mike Huckabee should have been at the “kids table”!

It seemed like John Kasich was given a lot of time.  Going from ultra conservative to moderate Republican is not an easy thing to do!  I’m sure he lost all the Tea Party votes.

Chris Christy has to be the most pathetic candidate on stage.  Even though the state he is governor of is in shambles, he continues to lie about his leadership that led to the state’s downfall!  He blames  the Democrats!!  Christy has no shame!!  Hopefully, he won’t even make it to the “kids table” next time.

Jeb Bush is an abject failure!  Daddy, Mommy and Brother George could not save him from himself!  Not that they didn’t try with the family gathering days before the debate.  Jeb’s feeble attempt to “sock it to” Marco Rubio backfired!  Badly!  When that failed Jeb went to the “default” position, blaming the Democrats for everything.  If Jeb would have done what brother, George did when he was a presidential candidate he may not seem so “pitiful”!  When George couldn’t answer a question he would just make a joke and then laugh.  I’m not sure Jeb has a “laugh” in him.  Is the Bush Dynasty really over?

Marco Rubio, the man some are predicting could be president, is a very crafty, conniving, self- seeking politician. Rubio was given Jeb on a “silver plate”, knowing full well Jeb was going to bring the subject of Rubio’s senate voting record up.  Rubio thrilled the crowd with his “putdown” to Jeb.  Rubio saw the response Cruz got when he blasted the media so Rubio got on that “band wagon” when he didn’t want to answer a question.  He was extremely adept at calmly “answering the question” by talking about something not related to the question.  Mainly, bashing the Democrats and President Obama. That’s always good “red meat” for Republicans. Even when asked about his tax plan Rubio answered by telling the moderator he was wrong!  Rubio has not a “smidgen” of experience that would qualify him to be president!  Yet, here he is in a presidential candidate debate!!  This guy has as much “chutzpah” as Trump.  Only he does it quietly!



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