Every year the “working days” for Representatives in the House have been less and less. That brings us to the 2016 calendar year.  This was recently released by Majority leader, Kevin McCarthy and no doubt approved by the newly elected House Speaker, Paul Ryan.

If they “work” (and, I use that term loosely!) only 110 days of the year, that means they take 255 days off work!  With a salary of $174,000. 00 for 110 days of “work” that gives them $1,582.00 a day!  Based on an 8 hour day (?) that comes to $197.75 an hour!! Yet, they will not  vote for a minimum wage (for the “real workers”) of $15.00 an hour!!  This is absurd!

This is a Republican led House of Representatives.  They have the entire months of August and October off!  They have 10 working days scheduled in December! Even though the Republicans set the work days on the calendar, the Democrats are included as well. These salaries are just the beginning of all the benefits these members get.   Here are a few:

  1. They can earn outside income of $27,225. An income some families have to live on for a year!
  2. They are allowed to deduct (income tax) living expenses up to $3,000 a year for being away from their home states. What other employer does this?
  3. Before the ACA they participated in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program which is for Members of Congress only. Even now, members may elect to be covered through the DC Health Link.
  4. They can participate in the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program.
  5. The Office of the Attending Physician provides emergency medical assistance for Members of Congress, Justices of the Supreme Court, staff and visitors. What other employer does this?
  6. They get a “Members Representational Allowance (MRA) to help them in their duties. This allowance for each member includes:

.  personnel: $944,671.

. official office expenses (this varies)

.  official (franked) mail (this also varies)

These three components are combined and result in a single MRA authorization for each  Representative.  This MRA total amount can be used any way the Representatives choose.

Making above the $174,000 annual salary is The Speaker of the House.  He has a salary of $223,500. The Majority and Minority Leaders of the House annual salaries are $193,400.

For all MRA expenditures go to http://disbursements.house.gov/.

Also on the House 2016 calendar, the few Fridays the members are actually there, the vote closes at 3pm, which essentially means the day is done!  On the Mondays following days off the votes are postponed until 6:30pm!  I guess it takes everyone that long to get back to D.C.!!  There are no votes at all on some days following days off..

Ted Cruz raves about his tax plan.  There will be no income tax for a family of four if the income is $36,000 a year!  Over that amount there will be a 10% flat tax for everyone no matter what your income (even the 1%)!  I’d like to see Ted and his family living on $36,000 a year!  Ben Carson and Rand Paul have also stated they would have a 10% flat tax for everyone.  Of course, Carson’s plan ends up being much more than the 10% and Rand Paul’s plan takes away all government programs that help the less fortunate!

The irony of all this is the fact all members of the House (and Senate) receive money from government. Lots of money!  Yet, they want to do away with all government programs!  As I said, this is just absurd!

It is a fact most southern states vote for the Republicans who want to take away all help from the government.  It is also a fact that many of those southern states receive the most government help.  Again, this is absurd!  Somehow, the people who get government help in these states have to be “informed” as to what would happen to them if there is no more government!!


With the exception of too few in the House, they are nothing but a bunch of pathetic sycophants!  There is not a leader among them!  They have no courage, morality or conscience.  They are arrogant, greedy and self-serving.  They have no soul!









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