Isn’t it interesting when P.M. Netanyahu comes to town to tell President Obama what to do in   U.S. foreign policy the coverage is 24/7?  Yet, when Netanyahu comes back to town “with his tail between his legs” the media is totally silent!  I wonder why?

I find it difficult to believe the Republican Presidential Debate took up so much time the media couldn’t cover Netanyahu’s visit.  How many times can you report the Republicans are against minimum wage, regulations of any kind, the IRS, immigration, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, helping the unemployed, ad infinitum?!  I leave it to other writers to give the details  on Trump’s ego, Jeb’s ineptness, Rubio’s pander, Carson’s intellect (?), Fiorina’s lies, Cruz’s “snake oil”, Rand Paul’s “defund entire government”, Kasich’s “interruptions”, etc.  I am exhausted just watching the whole thing!!

I do digress.  Back to the Netanyahu visit.  There are so many issues concerning Netanyahu’s leadership and outright disdain for President Obama, where do I start?  I guess the best thing I can say about that meeting is that Netanyahu went home “empty handed” (at least for now).

Netanyahu remains as boorish as ever. Ran Baratz, Netanyahu’s selection for “Israel’s national spokesman” accused President Obama of anti-Semitism.  Netanyahu has overlooked that comment and as yet has not withdrawn Baratz from the appointment!  This from a man who was coming to the U.S. to “beg” for more help from President Obama! This from a man who interfered in U.S. foreign policy.

Netanyahu’s insistence on Jewish expansion in the West Bank is one of great concern.  There is international disapproval of this action. The rest of the world deplores the treatment of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.  Yet, Netanyahu continues to suppress them in every way.  He is as bad as any “dictator”!

Even though there is strong Israeli support for the idea of a Palestinian state,  Netanyahu will never agree to a two- state solution.  The EU ambassador to Israel, said the 28-nation bloc does not recognize lands captured in 1967, including Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem, as Israeli territory.  “This is something that also happens to be the view of 99 percent of the international community.”

After nearly 50 years of Israeli occupation, some 60 percent of the West Bank, including all Jewish settlements, is under full Israeli control. Although he will not agree to a two-state solution the arrogant Netanyahu is asking President Obama to increase military aid from $3 billion to $5 billion!  Netanyahu is asking for another stealth flight squadron, precision armaments, bunker blasters, and aid for the development of the Arrow 3 missile system!   Netanyahu is taking advantage of the U.S.-Israel strategic interests in the Middle East.

Netanyahu also wants an agreement with “freedom of action” granted Israel so they can start a war without U.S. interference!  This means Israel would not be required to report on its military operations in advance to the U.S, but will still be protected by the American umbrella!

It is time for our government to get “a spine” and tell Israel we will no longer allow the persecution of Palestinians to continue and we will no longer give them military support to use against these same Palestinians. I realize AIPAC (the U.S. Netanyahu organization) has influence in our presidential elections but so does J Street, American Jews who do not condone this barbaric treatment of the Palestinians.  We must tell the Israel government in no uncertain terms if they violate any more international laws or continue the inhuman treatment of 1.5 million people who live in the Gaza Strip there will be consequences!  Then follow through with real action if they ignore the warning.  I resent my taxes being used to support a government who deny the people living in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank the basic living requirements every Israel citizen has!

Howard J. Gale, a Seattle research psychologist and Jew with family and friends in Israel wrote “When the great Rabbi Hillel was asked to sum up Jewish law, he responded, “What is hateful to thee, do not unto thy fellowman: This is the whole law; the rest is mere commentary.”   The Talmud, the second-most-important text in Judaism, says, “For the sake of peace, non-Jewish poor should be supported as we support the poor of Israel, the non-Jewish sick should be visited as we visit the sick of Israel, and the non-Jewish dead should be buried as we bury the dead of Israel.”

“Only a tribalism that hardens one’s heart and blinds one to reality can reconcile Judaism’s most sacred teachings with the death Israel has dispensed in Gaza.“Every bomb ever made falls on all of us.”  They ravage the flesh and psyche of those who receive them, they ravage the morality and innocence of those who send (or supply) them.”

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