I understand everyone is not a Christian celebrating ‘Christmas”.  However, there are many others who celebrate this time of year as the “Holiday Season”.  This is usually a time of peace and joy for whatever reason.  Peace and Joy have been “pushed aside” by politics, hateful people, fear mongering and, a media that pushes all of that!

In politics, the Republican presidential candidate’s objectives are not to help the people of America.  Their objectives are to lie their way into winning and to create a “nationalism of hysteria and fear” to assure the fearful they will protect them!  These politicians “diatribe” is purely for political purposes and not one of them has peace or joy in their heart!

The United Nations Refugee Agency said there are 59.5 million refugees who have been   forcibly displaced from their homes, including 4 million Syrians.  Our ancestors were “refugees” who moved to America to have a better life.  Even so, there are some living in America today who are so “fearful” of terrorists they close their hearts to the suffering of others.  This attitude toward millions of homeless refugees is certainly not a heart or soul full of peace and joy!

Planned Parenthood patients are being killed and terrorized.  These clinics provide needed health care to women who cannot afford having a mammogram or other health services.  Christians who condemn these clinics should know that many Christian women have abortions at these same clinics!  In a survey by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, overall, 78 percent of women said they had a religious affiliation. The remaining 22 percent said they had no religious affiliation.  13 percent said they were evangelical or “born-again”.  Any true Christian with the the peace and joy they preach of Jesus would not be involved in these attacks!!  Nor, would they be involved in lies about these clinics.

Racists are killing African Americans because they think they can get away with it!  These killers are evil and have a hatred of anyone different from them.  There is no peace or joy in these killer’s hearts.

Muslims are being wrongly accused of being terrorists because they come from some of the same countries as ISIS terrorists.  ISIS are extremists who wrongly commit their terror in the name of the Muslim religion.  They are evil! The true Muslim religion practices the same peace and joy as the Christian religion.

In all forms of media, some continue to “fear monger” the news on a daily basis.  They keep telling us “Be afraid…Be very afraid”!  They keep repeating all recent terror attacks as well as those long past to “put fear in the hearts of men” and… women!  There is no peace or joy in their news!  This same media does not mention that the FBI has identified domestic terrorism from white, right-wing Christians as the greatest domestic terrorism threat to the United States since the attacks of September 11, 2001.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark.  The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of right.” Plato


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