I am fed up with the Republican politics of the presidential campaign!  In particular, Donald Trump, his outrageous remarks and his minions!  I am fed up with the media’s attention to the worst of America and the fear mongering the MSM delivers on a daily basis!  I am fed up with the CINOs (Christian in name only) who want to ban not only the refugees, but all Muslims entering the U.S.!  I am fed up with political talk shows harping on the same topic!  I am fed up with fear mongering politicians!  I am fed up with those who believe these politicians!

It is hard to believe there are actually citizens of this country who believe everything they see and hear on TV.  It astounds me that even 20% of people are so gullible they agree with everything Trump says. Trump is the perfect example of “An Americans right to act the fool”!  You can “fool some of the people all the time”…but…the other 80% of the country isn’t “buying it”!

Trump has endangered the safety of America with his lies about Muslims… exactly what ISIS wants!  Trump blaming the innocent for actions of evil people in the country of their origin is exactly what ISIS wants!  Trump has damaged our reputation as well. Many people living in Europe and other parts of the world believe he speaks for all Americans.

It isn’t just Trump that is acting like a fool. When Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz say our country should only admit “Christians”, they are no better than Trump!  I’m not going to quote all the Republican presidential candidates because they are basically saying the same thing….”Be afraid….let me protect you”!

Most Republican members of Congress are no better than Trump! They yell that President Obama is not doing enough to fight the terrorists.  Yet, the Banking Committee refuses to vote on Obama’s nominee for Treasury under Secretary for terrorism and financial crimes, Adam Szubin.  His job is to track terrorists financing and stopping that financing.  Szubin, who worked for the G.W. Bush administration is bi-partisan and is now serving in the Treasury. Even though the Chairman of this committee, Richard Shelby (R-Ala), has said Szubin “is eminently qualified”  they will not vote on him now!  They are going home for Christmas!  Szubin’s nomination has been before the Banking Committee since April!  In addition….this is a thirty year low in confirming presidential nominees!

It is mind boggling when Republicans allow suspected terrorists on the “no fly” list to purchase guns in the U.S.!  Republicans have no problem with racists that kill people with guns!  Republicans have no problem with faux Christians “in the name of their religion” to kill people with guns!  There is not a leader among the Republicans! They have no courage, morality or conscience.  They are arrogant, greedy and self- serving and they have sold their souls to the NRA!

The MSM is no better.  They fear monger 24/7 to keep the fearful in perpetual “attack mode”!  The MSM does not do 24/7 coverage on “domestic terror attacks” in our country, such as the one at Planned Parenthood.  They don’t even call those type of attacks “terrorist attacks” when that is exactly what they are!  Elections aren’t the only elite and corporate funded projects.  The MSM is funded by the same corporations.  Since COMCAST bought NBC to acquire the majority share, they have worked diligently to replace the liberal viewpoint on MSNBC as well as other stations.  It is difficult to find the news on one that isn’t now a Republican leaning program. The liberal political talk shows have dwindled to a few and even some of these keep rehashing the latest outrageous remark Trump has made.  Everyone knows FOX is definitely an extreme right wing conservative network, owned by an extreme right wing conservative.  However, MSNBC is more “subtle” about showing their true colors!

The Republicans have the U.S. Supreme Court in their pockets as well.  This Supreme Court has made more rulings taking away individual freedoms fought so hard for than any court in the history of this country!  They have decimated the voter laws, they have allowed the elite and corporations to decide who wins our elections (national and statewide), etc. They now have a case before them concerning education of minorities.  I wonder what their ruling on that will be.

Between Trump and the rest of the Republicans, our democracy is truly being threatened.   I am more afraid of what they are doing to our country than I am of any terrorist attack.  If they were to succeed in the 2016 elections, there would no longer be an “America” to attack!  Thankfully, there is almost another year to get the vote out and get rid of these “unpatriotic, hatred spewing excuses for human beings”!

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