What is the “establishment”?  That’s been the question ever since Hillary Clinton accused Bernie Sanders of insulting organizations because he used that term.  Never mind Hillary is a big part of the “establishment”!  This is so bizarre and ridiculous!  She knows perfectly well who the “establishment” includes and it isn’t Bernie Sanders!

Hillary is the “Democrat Establishment”.  This includes the DNC, the Chairman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Democrat members of congress, Democrats in the Obama administration, state Democrat governors, state Democrat elected officials and many Democrat organizations that have already endorsed Hillary’s candidacy.  Normally these endorsements come after the Iowa caucus, New Hampshire primary, etc.  However, Hillary’s campaign is so “well oiled” by the “establishment” these endorsements are coming before these events to hopefully help Hillary win them.

The latest entanglement with the “establishment” is that MSNBC, The New Hampshire Union Leader, Chuck Todd and Rachael Maddow have agreed to have another debate before the New Hampshire primary.  New Hampshire has always had a Democrat debate between the Iowa caucus and the country’s first primary in New Hampshire.  All the candidates (Bernie, Hillary and O’Malley) were agreeable to this.  Sanders said “If Secretary Clinton and Gov. O’Malley want to do it, I’m there”..,…I’m in.”

However, the DNC (“establishment”) is not agreeable to this!  Their “edict” is “any candidate who participates in “unsanctioned debates” will be prohibited from future debates authorized by the DNC.”   The Hillary campaign then said she would participate only if the debate is sanctioned by the DNC.  Senator Sanders said he would abide by the DNC orders.  On Tuesday, DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Shultz said there were no plans to sanction new debates”!  So, here we are, Wednesday night at 11PM (PT) and everything is still “up in the air”!  Of course, this may change anytime within the next hour, the next day, or anywhere in between before the MSNBC scheduled date!  Will MSNBC and the New Hampshire Union Leader win out or will the “Establishment”??

P.S.  Just read an article on The Hill by Elliot Smilowitz about Bernie Sanders offer for more debates – but not on Hillary Clinton’s terms.





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