“AIPAC” – PM NETANYAHU’s U.S. Organization

“AIPAC” –  PM NETANYAHU’s U.S. Organization

 AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) conference is in Washington March 20-22.  This is the U.S. Pro-Netanyahu Organization that believes in Netanyahu’s policies, supports his horrific actions against the Palestinians and does not want a “two state solution” for peace.

The presidential candidates are invited to this conference.  We all know Hillary Clinton supports Netanyahu and she is attending.

Alon Ben-Meir, a Senior Fellow at Center for Global Affairs, NYU wrote “An Open Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu”- describing his leadership of Israel and, the true state of the country.  Here are a few quotes from that letter.

1) “You conveniently surround yourself with a corrupt political elite—ministers with no morals, no compunction, and nothing but an insatiable lust for power. They are consumed by their personal political agendas and absorbed in domestic corruption and intrigues.”

2) — “a handful of billionaires control the financial heart of the state while tens of thousands of families are scrambling to survive.”, “hundreds of millions of dollars are siphoned off to spend on illegal settlements and hundreds of millions more are spent to protect the settlers, leaving Arab villages and towns with mostly Middle Eastern Jews to rot.”

3) “You manipulate the public with national security concerns and falsely connect security to borders, only to usurp more Palestinian land and defend the ruinous settlement policy.”

4) “The corruption and criminality among top officials is staggering; more than 10 ministers and at least 12 members of the Knesset have been convicted of crimes over the past 20 years alone.”

5) “You discriminate against Israeli Arabs (who constitute 20 percent of the population) with your government’s policy of unequal treatment, and then question their loyalty to the state.”

6) “Radical Zionists like you claim that a multi-culturist Israel cannot survive – that apartheid, or something like it, is the only viable alternative – essentially repeating the argument which was used in earlier European history against the Jews themselves.” “…discrimination is not confined to the Israeli Arabs, but extends to Middle Eastern and Ethiopian Jews four generations after the establishment of the State of Israel.”

7) “You treat the Palestinians in the territories like objects, to be used and abused—.  You violate their human rights with brazen impunity and never came to grips with the debilitating and dreadful impact of nearly 50 years of occupation.”

8) “Invoking memories of the Holocaust as if to justify the mistreatment of the Palestinians only debases the historical relevance of this unprecedented human tragedy.  One would think that those who suffered as much as the Jews would treat others with care and sensitivity.”

9) “You speak in support of a two-state solution, but you have never lifted a finger to advance it; your actions only point to the opposite direction.” and, “Ending the occupation is not a charitable gift to the Palestinians.  Only by accepting their right to a state of their own will Israel remain a Jewish and democratic state enjoying peace and security, instead of being drawn toward an abyss from which there is no salvation.”

There is so much more in this article that explains why Netanyahu’s leadership is so destructive to his own country.  Alon Ben-Meir also gives Netanyahu very understandable recommendations to “save it (Israel) from the very self-destructive path that you have paved with fear, anxiety, and bloodshed.”  This article is on HuffPost, dated 2/23/2016.  The title of the article is “A Plea For Reason:  An Open Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu”.  Anyone genuinely concerned about the people of Israel should read this.

In a speech to the Security Council at the United Nations, Secretary General, Ban Ki  Moon  disparaged the “unacceptable levels of violence and polarized public discourse” that has taken hold in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories. While he condemned the Palestinian attacks on Israeli citizens he also insisted that “the full force of law must be brought to bear on all of those committing crimes—with a system of justice applied equally for Israelis and Palestinians alike” and “security measures alone will not stop the violence.  They cannot address the profound sense of alienation and despair driving some Palestinians…Palestinian frustration is growing under the weight of a half century of occupation”.  The Secretary General expressed his concern with Israeli announcements to expand settlements in the occupied lands, urging them to stop the confiscation of Palestinian lands.

U.S. Ambassador Daniel Shapiro agreed with Ban’s concerns, saying “we are concerned and perplexed by Israel’s strategy on settlements.  This government and previous Israeli governments have repeatedly expressed their support for a negotiated two-state solution,..a solution that would become more and more difficult if Israel plans to continue to expand the footprint of settlements.”  Shapiro also said ”too much  Israeli vigilantism in the West Bank goes on unchecked…at times it seems Israel has two standards of adherence to rule of law in the West Bank—one for Israelis and one for Palestinians.”

Netanyahu and his cohorts do not tolerate criticism. Their reaction to Ban and Shapiro’s statements were as expected, extremely severe and of course, totally untrue!  This is not the end of their reaction to criticism.  Israel and its U.S. supporters (such as AIPAC, some members of congress, etc.) also slander and punish critics.  In Israel, the Knesset is considering a series of measures and the passage of a new law that targets domestic critics in an effort to blacklist them as “traitors”!

Meanwhile, the U.S. is giving this regime in Israel an annual payment of $3.1 Billion.  As of last year, total U.S. aid came to $124.3 billion!  Most of the aid goes to Israel’s military.  U.S. funds underwrite Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and their attempt to colonize that area through settlements.  It is time to end this aid!  We have many unfunded necessary projects in America that desperately need this money.

In closing, I must give credit to two U.S. Jewish organization (J Street and Americans for Peace Now).  These organizations are for a two-state solution and do not approve of Netanyahu’s policies, foreign or domestic. They tell the real story of what is going on in Israel.  Many Israeli’s do not approve of Netanyahu either and some are trying to change things for the better.  However, with Netanyahu and his cronies in charge, it is an uphill battle!   I wish them all well.

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