This is the first presidential election I have ever seen where the MSM delegate count is being “touted” more important than the actual vote count.  Why do you suppose that is?

The DNC (Democrat establishment) has control over who gets these “delegates”, especially the “Super delegates”, just as they had control over who the presidential nominee would be.  It really hit home for me when I received a form letter from Bill Clinton with a “Surrogate Affidavit Form to sign for the 2016 Democratic Precinct Caucus” in my state, asking for my support of Hillary.  There was a return envelope addressed to the Chair of my state’s Democratic Party.  I have not received any such form from the Bernie Sanders campaign. Nor have I received any campaign letters from the Bernie Sanders campaign as I have from the Hillary Clinton campaign.   I am not saying this is a “conspiracy”.  However, I am wondering why the DNC has given the Hillary Clinton campaign the addresses of Democrat voters in my state and not doing the same for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

With few exceptions, every MSM article written about the Democratic campaign election results makes the delegate count the “headline” and the bulk of the article always uses this count as the reason they predict Hillary Clinton will win the nomination!  I call these articles the “doomsday for Bernie” articles!  That’s exactly what they are!  Even after Bernie’s upsetting win in Michigan, the articles headlines were Hillary delegate count!   These articles, even though possible, never show a way Bernie could get these delegates to win the nomination (see WashingtonsBlog, March 3, 2016 article by Gaius Publius and HUFFPOST 3/14/16 article by Rep.Alan Grayson).  The same MSM outlets will continue to make this campaign all about Hillary’s delegate count.  No matter how many states Bernie wins!  Evidently, these writers think the only way Hillary can win is by “delegates”.  This is certainly not a “glowing endorsement” for Hillary!  These articles are not about what Hillary is going to do for the country or even her policies.  They are all just about delegate count. This gives off a feeling of “desperate” on their part!

Bernie is not out by any means!  He may have lost Tuesday night, but, as one writer states, there is still another election cycle to go through and many more states yet to vote. Hillary has won the south votes as expected.  Let’s see where the east and west state votes go!

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