Although Bernie Sanders “left Hillary Clinton in the dust” with huge wins today (Saturday), you can be sure the DNC, Democratic Establishment, corporate media and her supporters will swat  the wins aside as they would a fly!  Something they have done after every Bernie win. There has been no concession speech from Hillary.

MSM will do the usual reporting.  Stressing how many delegates Hillary has rather than Bernie’s wins or how many percentage points he beat her by. At the near end of the voting in WA, Bernie had 74% and Hillary at 26%.  Final count In Hawaii: Bernie 81% and Hillary at 19%!  Alaska gave Bernie 79% and Hillary 21%!  Can’t get much better than that!  NBC Nightly news spent more time on Trump and Hillary than they did on Sanders big wins!  While reporting on the election, CNN and MSNC had the delegate count for both on the screen more often than the actual win counts! The local NBC station in Seattle “shared” their time with Hillary and her supporters, and yes, the delegate count! This Seattle NBC station all but ignored Bernie’s big wins! They didn’t even film the large rally Bernie Sanders had Friday night in Seattle.  Nothing has changed!

The fact is Bernie has won enough delegates to be competitive with Hillary delegates. Even with the entire democratic establishment, corporate media, etc. working for her, Hillary is still losing! Can you imagine what Bernie’s wins would be if he had even one fourth of those “Hillary helpers” behind him?

As I said, the MSM will be working overtime to try to somehow turn these Bernie wins into a win for Hillary.  Don’t you believe it!

Go Bernie!



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