As of today, the polls have Bernie ahead in Wisconsin.  I cannot believe that the other news regarding the Bernie/Hillary campaign was coincidental.

One (or maybe more) of Hillary’s Superpacs are suing Bernie concerning the donations he gets from the American people”, calling it “fraud”!  This is an untrue charge and they know it.  No one believes Hillary did not give her consent to this.  She runs a “tight” campaign and knows who is doing what.  However, I do expect her to deny this in the coming days.

The other news regarding the campaign is that even though Bernie did file his papers in time, the DNC in D.C. did not file them in time to get him on the ballot!  They say it was an “oversight” and are working on it.  The question is why did Hillary’s name get on the ballot with no problems and Bernie’s didn’t??

When David Plouffe’s (Obama’s 2008 Chief strategist who now endorses Hillary) comments from that election can also apply to this one, something is very suspicious!  In 2008 Hillary aides sent several news outlets a picture of Obama in African garb during his trip to Africa.  Plouffe described the press circulation of the picture as part of a “disturbing pattern” and the “most shameful, offensive fear mongering we’ve seen…….”  Of course, Hillary denied even seeing the picture.  Point being, this is not the first election Hillary has had her minions doing “dirty deeds” for her, always denying she knew anything about them!  This has been a consistent pattern throughout her entire political life, not even mentioning her husband, a former president, Bill Clinton.

These two are just examples of what has been going on in this campaign ever since Bernie entered this race.

Has anyone read Hillary’s speech at AIPAC?  Has anyone seen Hillary’s speeches at Goldman Sachs?  There are so many truthful articles on Hillary’s political history and the damage she has done to this country (yes, the U.S.A.) it is amazing she is still even in the race!  Well, not really…knowing her backers are the entire Democratic Establishment, including the Obama administration, congress, state political leaders and corporate media who decided after Obama’s win in 2008, Hillary’s turn would be in 2016!

This “dirty politics” has got to stop!  We are in the middle of a campaign for the next president of the U.S. and these “games of the past” are no longer acceptable!  What Hillary doesn’t understand is every time she allows these “dirty deeds” or tells lies about Bernie she is alienating more people than she is fooling.

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