How can the American people have faith in the election process after what has happened in New York, Arizona, and other states?  This is serious business when the NYC elections official is suspended over primary voting problems and there is an investigation into the Arizona voting as well!

The problems in Brooklyn, the report said, were the voters disenfranchised were probably Bernie Sanders voters.  Voters were actually removed from voter-registration rolls!  Also at issue were voters having their party affiliation changed without their knowledge and, incorrect primary notifications getting mailed out.  Some precincts opened two hours later than they were supposed to. Other precinct voter sites were moved without notice so voters did not know where to go to vote!

This many and these type of problems suggests something other than unqualified election officials is going on!  It certainly makes one wonder!  It would not be difficult to make sure “every vote counts”.  However, the political establishment likes it just the way it is!

So, along with the “easy to hack” electronic voting machines with no paper backup in some states, “hanging chads” and, corrupt people in charge of the election process in others,  it is no wonder there are “voter problems” at election time!  These problems are never resolved.  The “investigations” never find anyone to “prosecute” for “voter fraud” and it continues!



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