In one day I found out why all these corporate “leaders” make so much money.

I went to my usual grocery store, QFC (Kroger Foods now), that I have shopped at for many years.   In fact, I was sent a “pack” of FREE item coupons for being such a good customer!  The name QFC was kept when Kroeger Foods bought it out because the name was a sign of excellence.   First, the pharmacist manager (who has no control over this) told me “corporate headquarters” will no longer use the manufacturer I need (I have an allergic reaction to all other manufacturers for this prescription) because this manufacturer charges more than others! This manufacturer is in the U.S.  Evidently, the others are from who knows where! Never mind the money this company has made from me.   This manufacturer is not one most pharmacies have on their “approved manufacturers list” which is why I used QFC pharmacy!  The same thing happened with Walgrens.  They used the manufacturer for a few months to get my business, then they said “no more”! One win for corporate headquarters!

Before I left the store I bought an “oven roasted whole chicken”.  I don’t usually buy them but I decided I wanted a “real chicken” sandwich.  Plus I can usually get at least five meals out of that $10.00 chicken so, all in all, not a bad buy.  When I took it out of the bag, it looked like the “skin was sagging”.  When I cut into it, the back part of the skin was “slimy” and the back and rib bones were black!  It looked like “cooked worms” inside the bones.  I had asked the Deli person to give me the latest cooked chicken.  However, after seeing this horrible sight, I looked at the date.  It said “this was fresh as of (a date that was FIVE days earlier!).  So, what I want to know is, had this chicken been cooked “fresh” five days earlier and then just sat under these “warm heat lamps” for five days?  Needless to say, I threw the $10.00 chicken out!  $10.00 doesn’t sound like much but when you live on a limited income, it’s a lot. More money in corporate headquarters pockets!  No need to throw “out of date” food away, just sell it anyhow!  How many people actually take the time to return the bad food or even complain about it?

The previous owner (Quality Food Company) would not have allowed this to happen!  However, since Kroeger bought this store (more mergers), the products have gone downhill and prices gone up.  Kroeger has never been known for “Quality” products but at least I thought the chicken was “safe” to eat!  Just recently they have also had to recall frozen vegetables because of possible listeria contamination.  They also recalled sunflower seeds for the same reason.  They were also one of the grocery stores that had the label “ground beef” on meat that was made from the bits and pieces left over when they packaged “real” ground beef”!  It was dubbed “pink slime” by consumers!  This is just one instance they were caught trying to cheat the public.  I wonder what else they are doing!

There have been many articles about the “unsafe” food in this country and all of them are true!  “Buyer Beware”!


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